My name is Leon,

I am just a regular guy having a very different look at the world around me. I am a down to earth human being with all the qualities to listen and accept everyone and process every opinion life is giving me. 

I studied Business, and gained some other qualifications. I always inclined to the unknown, mysterious world of parapsychology, metaphysics, meditations, and everything about earth, human, and cosmos and its energy.

I was 14 years old when I took a book about meditations in my hands, for the first time. I remember like it is now, I have read only few pages, and started meditating, I even didn’t know what to do but I started feeling it throughout my entire body. That was the ignition to  everything I discovered afterwards which has led me to start this blogging website.

After so many years of reading books about psychology, parapsychology, meditations, cosmos and more, I am finally here to share my experience through this blog.

This blog is about human mind, body, and the interaction in the society as an individual, and much much more…
A very last word- I am here to connect people, to help to fine you a place in your life, build firm fundamentals,
and take further steps towards greater future. We are all here for many reasons but the main reason is to discover ourselves, and connect with each other, and with the higher subtle but infinite, and mighty energies they surround us.

Welcome to my blog, and let me take you into my world, and perhaps guide you on the way to succeed.