How to Achieve Balance in Life – A key Guide to Synchronize Abundance

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How to synchronize your life the way to feel happy, healthy, content with yourself, and wealthy.

Achieve Balance in Life
Picture Of adundance

This noun abundance came from the mid-14th century French, via the Latin abundantia, meaning ‘fullness, plenty’.

There is no question that abundance is at the front of understanding the context of connection to the mighty energy thus we need to understand that there is more behind the abundance concept, there is a missing piece. Abundance means plenty, that doesn’t necessarily mean a balance. To get to the point where you start feeling balance within abundance-I call it Synchronization.

You don’t need to pay someone to tell you that abundance is everywhere for free

I am talking now from my personal experience.

There are people out there, presenting themselves having the secret formula to teach you how to achieve abundance in life. They say when you follow them you will see coming lots of money from different sources very soon. I tried to watch quite a few videos online, and most of them led to one thing to make you invest, pay for the courses 1000$ to unleash the full abundance. You definitely don’t need to pay to unleash or whatever the right word is to master abundance.

The energy of abundance is everywhere for free. If you are in need of desperate help because you feel down, you are alone or don’t have just a perfect day or not well-paid job, you don’t need to pay someone to tell you that abundance is everywhere for free.

Picture Of adundance

My personal experience

Hmmm, so you’ve lived perhaps in poverty or in massive debts for years, and if you use their formulas or affirmations you will see your debts disappearing and money coming in your life just like that. That is actually a kind of scam in my line of work.

In my life, I have learned a lot about abundance. I have met lots of people they wanted to talk about it. I explained them how I see it. And now I would like to share my experience, here in this article. Hoping it will help you realize what actually the mighty energy of abundance is.

I mentioned word synchronization

Example: Having lots of friends, sounds like a good thing but it can get overwhelming when it comes to scheduling time to hang out or buying gifts. Plenty of friends, hmmm that is an abundance. You can’t satisfy all your friends’ needs that will exhaust you eventually in long run. I know people I met they felt empty when they are alone, so they think having lots of friends give them satisfaction, and fullness when feeling empty from being alone.

Obviously, there are people preferring to stay alone because they feel better this way…

Then I met people, and they felt kind of emptiness when they have been in the presence of people they know well. I would say it is more a detachment then feeling empty. (E.g. detachment, emptiness…I would like to talk about these feelings in more detail in one of my next blogs)

Abundance synchronization
Picture Of adundance


So that is one angle how you look at things, the other angle is that you neglect your inner you, and you are getting further from the point what makes you really happy in your life.  You might be suppressing your feelings. The satisfaction from feeding your ego is one thing but at least you’ve got lots of friends…

You see to start giving more then you have for yourself in your own reserves is not that ideal.

Let’s start with affirmations they can make real changes and solid fundaments

Do not say wrong affirmations like-I must work hard to deserve wealth to come in life. Money is evil. Rich people are arrogant or even I don’t deserve money because I don’t work hard enough. NO, for all of the above!

If the abundance is about having more money, say to yourself – I like money, money is everywhere around me, I have plenty of money, money is literarily everywhere around me.

Imagine money coming to you from all sources so easily, so effortlessly. You literarily start feeling that you physically have the money on you! When you pay with money make yourself think that you are giving money not that you are paying with money. Try to think happy when you give it because you know you will get even more back. In order to receive you need to give but when you give you give with the feelings that you can afford giving and giving feels good. When you pay you are basically not paying but giving, this affirmation is very good to make you feel happy from giving. It’s just a nice feeling to give.

You are making good, solid fundaments for the money coming into your life. Just because there is lots of money everywhere and you do deserve it! To make the fundaments stable and growing you need to repeat the above every time you pay.

If you take you need to give back

As I said before abundance means plenty, that doesn’t necessarily mean a balance. And life is about balance, sacrificing and accepting yourself and the others. You can start meditating and spreading good energy this way, I am sure it will hit plenty of people out there. But this is not enough. You need to start with yourself first. I am sure I have touched some of you but if in a way you don’t like it that might mean you deny accepting it.

You should learn some basics about acceptance first on the physical level if you want to start giving on a higher mental level in meditations. This has lots of to do with chakra healing energy

Red chakra

Definition of red chakra is the red colour of physical energy, passion, courage, power, will, and desire. The Root Chakra is stable and grounding. Red is powerfully linked to our most primitive physical and emotional needs of survival and self-preservation. Red symbolizes energy, action, confidence, courage, and change. (But let’s talk about chakras in a different article).

Chakras  colours

Start on a physical level

This is what I mentioned before you need to start with yourself on a physical level. You need to feel like you stand firmly on the ground to start building foundations for something much higher, higher energy. It takes time and preparation to start giving on the astral level.

Physical Levels

Even though you really want to give, of course, you can give, but first, you need to give to yourself. E.g. by accepting yourself, and when you look at yourself in the mirror you feel very important to yourself. You will feel the dignity, importance and you like yourself just the way you are. You can start building on it firm fundaments for the new energy and carry on assuring yourself that you firmly stand on the ground.

It is like trying to do healing with chakras. You also start with the root chakra…

You know, not always the best intentions are the best, every coin has two sites, and one can’t be without the other. You just can’t start giving in meditations just like that and think I have given something so now I am expecting something back so within the next few days or so I can expect a 5 figure cheque or get a letter that all my debts have been cleared just like that or my house won’t be reposed after you have already received the repossession order.

(The last few examples, I tried to watch some seminars and videos online from known people they teach the abundance, and that was the exact impression they gave me). These are only examples but if it relates to you what you should do to find the strength to accept it, and do something about it on physical level first not just to think everything will be sorted by watching few seminars.

To come to the point where you start seeing some results takes afford, persistence,


Self-discipline and more of the goodness of a wise man character

If you can’t give to yourself by admitting what you do wrong and accepting it how you can start giving…

This energy is so mighty, eternal, unlimited, and universal that you just can’t cheat on it. You are actually cheating on yourself if you deny it. You are the center of activity, you are the action and the surroundings are the reaction to your action. This is an activity you have created, so whatever is happening to you right now is what you have done to yourself unwillingly, subconsciously. What is happening right now is not just presence, it is the reflection of your past, and presence is a reflection of your future. (I have talked about it in more detail in another article).


Start accepting, if you can you accept yourself just the way you are, and accept the others then the energy of denial starts fading away. Find a place in your life by listening to your inner needs, discover what you really expect from life, what makes you really happy, and content just the way you are. Get rid of the ego by accepting, admitting, listening, let the ego go away, it only eats your mind, doesn’t help you to create.

Practicing Maintaining a Balance

When you find your place in life, when you can really be content and happy from the bottom of your heart with yourself that means you found the desired place. Now start building solid fundaments, root it all down by repeating, and reassuring yourself that you are happy just the way you are.

Ok, now you are doing it… is important to stick to the plan. Best thing- write everything down, the day you start it, write down what you feel happy, and content…, write every step you do down, and follow your notes. Your brain remembers better when you write stuff down, not only when you say that. You are assuring yourself that you really mean what you do by saying, and writing it at the same time.

Staying consistent is what counts most at this stage, not to mention that giving up is not an option. Focus, and get rid of any thoughts which are distracting you. Whatever you wish to happen or you wish to achieve in your life is what is happening right now. So you need to feel it like it is happening right now, not to wait for it coming in the future.

Last thing to say as an author

This is what I call synchronization to put everything together within your mind, soul, and body in your life.

Future is happening right now! Whatever you take with you from the content of this article is the way you have already started changing and shifting the wheels of fortune towards a great future. Think of tomorrow like it is today, act this way, feel it within your heart, mind, and soul.

Believe in Yourself

4 Replies to “How to Achieve Balance in Life – A key Guide to Synchronize Abundance”

  1. This was something amazing to read and brought a positive vibe. You’re absolutely right about having a balance in life which is the most important element for a prosperous life.

    1. Exactly, its all about balance. Just like with word ‘bundance’ which means plenty, means having more then you need…

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