Attitude plays a key role in succeeding

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Nowadays, you will read it everywhere, on every social media platform online, people talk about succeeding, feeling happy and content, financial sustainability, and more…

There are so many videos on youtube, and blogs about ‘How to attract the abundance’, or maybe ‘7 ways how to feel happy’ or this one is the best one ‘The best 77 ways how to promote your company’. I have actually received a DVD to my home address by post about how to promote my business, and it was really boring to listen to one hour lasting speech, talking mainly about email marketing. Ok, I get the point, someone is just trying to promote his own business in the best possible way. Yeah, why not, but it was a really boring DVD to watch! I am talking here from my own experience and practice.

I am a life coach, helping lots of people to deal with their worries, struggles, partnerships and more…I discovered one thing that whatever you go through in your life, no matter if it is a good or bad thing, it’s all about your attitude to a particular ‘problem’ to control, develop, and turn it into something positive or useful from which you will gain, and not lose, and simply let it go just the way you want it to go.

Attitude plays the key role in any sphere of your life; in socializing, mental development, learning new practical skills or just a little thing like listening or helping someone, makes the big difference not just for the other person, but mainly for you. If you show respect, your respect, sooner or later, will be reflected/reciprocated/returned and repaid in every penny back to you. Maybe not straight away by the same person but in time it will!. In time the energy you have created will come back to you and hit you when you don’t expect it. That is actually nice to be hit by something nice, something you have actually created before, isn’t it.

The attitude thing is about patience, focus, persistence, responsibility, dignity, communication skills, and ‘admitting, accepting, forgiving, and a do attitude’. There are more attributes of the right attitude of one’s character like for example; respect is part of it.

The action

Because, you are the action, and the environment around you is the reflection to your action. The energy in-between is like a chain- or chemical-reaction to your action. For easy understanding, I call it the interaction. How you deal with the interaction, it’s only up to you. No one can better advise you than yourself, not even your mum who, you think is supposed to know you better then you know yourself.

Ok, your mum knows you better than anyone on earth, but to rely on this ‘saying’ when you are grown up? This is more about respect to the one who has raised you. Respect is part of attitude. Even for myself, family means everything to me, I am family guy, but to sustain mentally, physically, and sociologically ok, I need to take care of myself first to be able to take care of the ones I care most about.

We live in constant duality. There are thousands of thoughts every day going through our mind, constantly being segregated by our logical and mental part where we have feelings. Sometimes we make a rational decision, other time irrational. This actually makes all of us being a little bit schizophrenic because most of the times we simply don’t know what the best way is, making us feeling confused, hesitating or postponing the whole process of getting forward. That is completely normal. It’s just the way it is.

Duality is important

Duality is actually very important for the mental development of our mind. It can make you be indecisive in one situation, but in another, it can literally save your life. That’s the whole sense of life; to survive, to develop, to learn from mistakes, and carry on.

Now, the important move is, not just to try to make the right decision in a particular situation but to consider more options, expect unexpected, not to turn away from it, but face it, deal with, accept it, and this way simply make the big good/ positive changes.

Duality is important, it makes you flexible because rigid stuff breaks when under tension and pressure. Duality gives you the option to decide between more options. So, next time when you get into a situation you don’t know what direction to take, which way is the rights one, just think of the duality. Ok, it gives you a headache, it makes you feel uncomfortable, worried, stressed or even relaxed from the job done!

All I am saying, the paradox is; when there is a mentally disordered person who clinically suffers from schizophrenia, this person’s brain is somehow unable to process the full picture of reality, and instead of making it fragmented in order, it makes that defragmented instead.

The difference between the real schizophrenic, and us ‘normal people’ whose brains go through constant duality in making decisions, and perceiving the reality as something really real, is in the sense that healthy brain/mind is able to understand and perceive the ‘so-called world reality’ as something real. I know it’s confusing, but not misleading. Its a fact that the brains for the sake of survival don’t need to recognize reality from imagination. Before we execute a physical action, we have to imagine it first anyway for the brain to engage, and lets us do the action!

Attitude means everything, you can easily turn a problem into something useful from which, after you failed, you will learn, and go on as a stronger you, more developed you, and a better version of you. But as it is with everything else in our ‘real world’, every story has two sides; if you consider your problem as a real problem it becomes a real problem just because you wanted it this way because of your attitude towards it.

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