Basic instinct like curiosity, and desire, how it goes with engaging in Internet communication

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We need to feel the interaction, connection and engagement with the outside world online. The feeling from it is so satisfying but it has some side effects like health and mental issues according to countless studies done.

Busy or bored? What makes the difference is the environment around us. Do we want to escape or to get engaged with the world around us…

The human mind is ever-evolving, we like exploring. The basic survival instinct like curiosity or the desire for exploring is so great. We need to explore and do endless researches to keep going within the pace of our modern technological world we are all part of. It is the need, demand, desire and hunger to develop and create new things. It keeps us busy and feeds our ego with the satisfaction of things done, but sometimes causes pushing us to the edge of neglecting our real inner needs. Consequently, that can even exceed our expectations about how the modern world should look like.

Neglecting your real needs might lead to suppression and denial of your inner you.

No, I am not thinking about going back to Stone age, leave all the gadgets, devices, and everything that we are used to in the modern world behind. For example, leave your job after you have been promoted or change the attitude, and habits which show the signs for feeling emancipated- a phenomenon of modern time.

I am talking about self-awareness, consciousness, and finding the right place in society as an individual, of course, based on this article, talking about the power of internet communication, and engaging with it in the right way.

You don’t need to be directly part of an action which happened in the past, human brain still perceives the information like it is happening here and now, means you can still feel the effects, and act accordingly.

Be more aware of the health issues it can cause
Modern technology has altered human physiology. It makes us think, feel, and even dream differently. It affects our memory, attention spans and sleep cycles. This is attributed to a scientific phenomenon known as Neuroplasticity, or the brain’s ability to alter its behaviour based on new experiences. Especially, when we watch TV news talking about politics or showing disasters from across the world. It elicits inside us swings of emotions how the world is unjust or cruel.

So when you feel the need to be constantly and overly ‘connected’ through your gadgets with the outside world, at least try to connect with something more mood-uplifting to get you back to normal.

As an example; it might sound funny, but once I had a time when I liked watching car crashes compilations while having a meal. You know, sometimes it feels boring doing nothing else but eating your meal only while you eat. We always need to be engaged with something, do we…

So when I was eating, I used to watch some stuff on youtube like the car crashes compilations. Well, very soon I realized that I keep thinking of the accidents I saw on the videos. Sometimes I recalled that while driving my car, and I realized, and said to myself; wait a moment, I don’t want to think of crashing my car when I drive, that doesn’t feel right!

I quickly realized how much I was affected by watching it. You see you don’t need to be directly part of an action which happened in the past, human brain still perceives the information like it is happening here and now, means you can still feel the effects, and act accordingly.

Your eyes on it!
Excessive time spent on social media. This can cause psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, an expectation of instant gratification, and even depression. Besides affecting you mentally, it can also affect you on the physical level – health causing vision problems, and neck strain, and more pathological issues. Pathological as an extreme in a way that is not normal or that shows an illness or mental problem. Medically relating to or caused by a disease.

Spending too much time every day on social media sites may cause addiction, memory loss. People who spend too much time browsing social media could be squandering

Excessive exposure to electronic screens can cause reduced blinking rates and digital eye strain, which is the physical discomfort felt after two or more hours in front of a digital screen. Cumulative and constant exposure to lights on digital screens can damage your retinal cells and lead to long-term vision problems.

Well, we all certainly know what roughly it can do with our physical and mental health. How about the fact that we forget about ourselves when we are so busy, and lost in the internet world flooded with so much information we are even unable to process it. It doesn’t let us switch off, and finally relax.

Try to find a balance between the time spent online, looking at stuff you watch just because you are bored, and browsing, and doing some searching to find stuff to read, and learn something from it.

Still the same, PC and phone but different environment, good for writers, good for students, good for everyone who wants to relax, and read something useful.

I see it this way; the differences are profound from watching stuff for no reason, staring at the screen, and even not feeling like you are engaged. Problem is you are not getting from it anything useful you can apply in real life but your brain is actually reacting to it, and getting as much as it can get to process what it perceives by you looking at it. Yes, you are definitely affected indirectly but your brain, because it doesn’t recognize real stuff from stuff you only watch on the screen. Your brain will eventually adjust to the point where it will look for situations it has seen on the screen; Ok this is a little bit different story which I am describing in one of my previous articles that you are the centre of activity, what you radiate out is creating the surrounding you live in; like people you meet, and the way you talk to them, and the way you perceive it all in acceptance or maybe denial mode…

And now imagine, you are still bored, but you go online to look for stuff which is instructive, informative. You start reading it, and you learn, your mood is different just from doing the same; this time you are not staring at the screen, you are actually in charge because your brain is engaged differently, trying to learn, memorize, study, compare, you even write stuff down on paper, this makes a big difference of how you perceive the world on screen!

I admit I spend quite a lot of time online, browsing, searching, and reading, learning new stuff. I gather information, process it, and try to learn from it. I try to apply it in my personal life e.g. when I read new stuff about meditation, I try it. I feel like I have full control over the stuff I read online, because I am actually using in real life for a good thing, and it feels good. Yes, it feels good to learn something new, and passing the information further to other people. I am trying to find balance in what I do. I am the kind of person I need to feel whatever I do, makes sense to me. I am generally quite active, I do exercise, do stretching every day, sometimes I do running, as well. So I am trying to balance with the time I spend on the computer, right.

Get connected and engaged but in a controlled way.

Last thing
In life, it is all about balance. We still talk about the internet thing, right. So if you feel like watching some boring stuff on your phone online just to keep your mind busy while you travel to work then you might want to consider…hmmm, it is hard for me to say something, I don’t want to touch your feelings….but honestly, it’s all about you, all the energy, your eyes, your time you spend on it.

Think, do you get something useful from staring at the screen? Do you learn from it something? The next time when you go on your phone to look for something to watch just because you are bored, try to minimize it, and find a balance between boring and useful stuff to watch. That’s it, easily said but hard to apply? Well, not for me, how about you guys?

Hoping you find this article useful and perhaps it will make you think a little bit. Well, if it does, my job is done! That’s what we all want, don’t we, to do the right thing in the right way.

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