Become the best, part two

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Destinational pull, You are the best!

‘I am the best’, I came up with this kind of very simple self therapy to be available for everyone, anyone on any mental level in desperate seeking for a positive change in life.It is easy to understand, and follow, no need going into more detail. Just read, and try. The success, is closer then you think!

This is a quick guide to get you on the right path to make positive changes in your life, not a guide for dummies who desperately need the help of any kind. We are doing serious stuff here. We are literally creating a new you, a stronger you, a better you. We are creating success!

Say to yourself; I AM THE BEST, AND ALWAYS WILL BE, MAKE YOURSELF THINK YOU ARE THE BEST UNTIL YOU BURST WITH LOUGH. This is the breaking moment you are waiting for to feel the joy, and good hormones flooding you throughout your entire body, and your being. Make it be your drug that your body will always need it!

Are you ready for big changes coming into your life? If you say yes it will be easier to implement my idea into your life. If you say no, you might be a sceptic or not believe that my formula will work. Either way, you don’t really need to believe in it.

Example; if you live a miserable life, if you live in poverty or in denial. You don’t believe that it is happening to you either are you? And yet it is! That’s why I call it destinational pull. The math is the same for everything, no matter if you believe or not, no matter if you are lucky or unlucky, is it something you have done to yourself even if you don’t believe it.

It is all about emotions, if you let emotions controlling your life then you can’t focus on your goal that easily. Being emotional means; impatience, anger, uncontrolled swings of moods, a sudden explosion of uncontrolled emotions, acting before you think what is good for you to decide what to do or succeed. Simply, get your emotions under control, you control them instead, and everything becomes easier automatically.

Some facts before you apply my technique in practice

This is easy to understand but very hard to do. You need to fool yourself that you are the best even when things go wrong. This is like a quick guide to get you on the right path to make positive changes in your life.

Saying to yourself that you are the best just when things go wrong, and you feel down or someone told you you’ve done a bad job, hmm doesn’t sound like a healing therapy, is it!

Well, I tell one thing you might be very wrong at. You have been confusing yourself for so many years. Things can go wrong any time even when nothing, literally nothing is happening that you automatically think that your whole life as it stands is completely wrong. No, it isn’t, it is only your judgement you have done about you. There is a big difference between opinion and judgement. Because opinion gives you options.


When you ask someone to give an opinion about your situation. Try to accept opinion without judging.  to you because judging is worse than a negative opinion. An opinion gives space for conversation, judging condemns, and criticizes.

No one has the right to judge others. But everybody has the right to be treated with respect.

No one is very right or wrong nor is judgement or opinion. Sometimes, telling a truth can hurt more than telling a lie. So, you are actually telling an easy truth to you when you think that your life is miserable because it is!

You need to change it and tell you a big lie that your life is perfect, you are doing very well, and you are simply the best!

Jedgement doesnt give you choice, judgement is a verdict, opinion gives space for conversation. Dont judge yourself that you can’t make it.

Steps to attract the best people, best situations, and best opportunities to you.

Foolish yourself to think you are the best even you have done everything wrong. Let’s not think about how long you have been in this miserable situation, how long you feel desperate, exhausted, upset, with no way out of your problems. Let’s concentrate on saying I AM THE BEST!, let’s concentrate on the current state of mind, and change it to be a positive move, a way out of the misery!

Example; you are cooking a meal on frying pan, you have burnt it, and before you get upset; take a deep breath, think for few seconds, and say it I AM THE BEST. Say it as many times you want but you must act as you are the best. Means, you clean the frying pan and start again. You don’t need to start cooking it again. Just think, and do what would make sense to move on.

Simply whatever you do, and you do it wrong, that is the moment when you say the pattern- I AM THE BEST. It sounds like a phrase with no sense but it is a powerful formula to confuse your brain to respond to a negative action differently than normal, making you feel that nothing bad or wrong just happened.

You just keep saying it for a day or two in some or any situations you encounter. Make your brain confuse so much, that it will create new patterns to make you feel good or even make you burst with laughter and tears in your eyes.

There is a little catch, as I mentioned before, it is quite an emotional change. I talked about getting emotions under your control, not that emotions are controlling you. This time when you say I AM THE BEST and it makes you laugh or even cry just because it sounds a silly thing to say, try to control your emotions, you are making positive changes, it’s worth it!, Make your emotions correspond accordingly in a positive way. This is what you want, to turn negative into positive, right! Feel the flood of good hormones flooding your entire body.

We are still talking about emotions, and this is quite an emotional situation to say I AM THE BEST, but this time a good one. Another stage you want to accomplish is to persist, stay focused, and simply do it, again and again. Failing is normal. Otherwise, how you can learn new stuff without repeating and failing.

When I say to you, you need to be the best, it sounds terrifying, silly, and this way unachievable. This is one angle most of you look at it. But me personally, I see it as freeing my mind from negative thoughts, a very simple, not time, and energy consuming thing to do.

Always look for the little things because the big ones are made of the little ones. The simpler it is the less likely it will break.

To be the best therapy is a very simple solution to your negative thoughts controlled by your emotions. Learn how to control your emotions, you control them instead. And everything will become much easier.

Good luck, stay cool & relaxed.

Yours Leonardo.

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