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Destinational pull, part one;

You can literally pull the good fate/destiny towards you just like the planets do when they affect each other by gravity/gravitational pull. Let’s break it down in more detail how to achieve it.

Pulling your good fate/destiny towards you. It is all in your mind, physically you can do only so much but imagining  pulling by your mind, that is a whole new level of controlling your entire being, and body.

What is destiny, and when you achieve something in your life, why you feel not content from job done, why you want more, and don’t appreciate what you already have? Most people think that achieving a goal is something which needs to be seen, and touched. Like, when you work so hard to save money for you dream car. You finally buy, and drive it, but..

Because of all the costs involved; petrol, servicing, road tax, insurance…, you discover that it doesn’t make many changes in your life apart of getting you from one point to another. To me it doesn’t sound like achieving a real goal in life. It looks simple; you only have a tangible asset into which is taking more and more money from your pocket then you probably expected.

Because I am talking about your dream you wanted to achieve. There is more behind the scene. You actually haven’t achieved much a part of buying a car. Achieving a goal is about working on your character, finding out what is best for you to keep you happy, and satisfied with even little things. Yes, some people are very materialistic, so the only thing they concentrate on is tangible assets but not what they really want in life to be happy, and content with themselves as they are.

It is quite unachievable to become a successful businessman, who works 16 hours a day to hit targets, and be very happy, and content with your life as it stands. How you can relax your mind, and enjoy the little things around you when you are so busy and concerned about your assets, when you have no time for yourself at all?


Some people would say, I don’t care ‘cos I have it all. One would say I do have a house, sport car, beautiful woman, and the money coming from everywhere; if you this applies to you, well done. But not many people can say so, let’s say you don’t agree with me that concentration on your inner ‘me’ will bring you money or wealth just like that.

The answer is YES! It will bring you money, and even more to keep you happy. But you need to be willing to go deep inside you to discover what your real destiny is in your life. That doesn’t sound like something real for a materialistic person but it will make you very happy, it will open your mind to sense good opportunities to make money.

SO, one day you will become happier with yourself as you are, and it will make you wealthier. Your mind settles, your emotions get under your control, means emotions won’t control your life, and you will control them instead.

It is only a seeming that if you only take care of yourself makes you feel proud; this attitude makes you become arrogant. Who is arrogant to the others is careless to himself. It is a vicious circle.

Imagine, the arrow is your emotions. What you feel or how you feel is what you are shooting out always towards your destiny. Because past and future is connected through presence, who you are or what you do now, is who you are, and what you do in future.

I saw it many times, hard working people, working really hard all life long, and only thing they ever achieved was the job done. No matter how much they had been tired, angry, upset and hated everything just because they didn’t see a point other then working hard.

You are the creator of your destiny, and what you put it in is only your choice, and judgement you make over yourself. But isn’t it really sad, frustrating, and pointless not to care about yourself but others by working hard for them, and actually see no point of making things going your way to achieve a real goal in your life?

Because life is not about suffering or ignoring your suffering, and suppressing your emotions trying to tell you that something is wrong. Life is about enjoying living. Life is about trying, and learning new things. Life is a learning curve.

Achieving a real thing in life, and not just concentrating on some tangible/ intangible assets.

If you have read my previous articles, then you know that reality is only a seeming created by your brain. The real stuff is under the hut. Every time I speak to someone who is so unhappy about the life they live, they always come to the same thing that they actually concentrate their energy on the material stuff around them e.g. to make money, to buy car, to save for a holiday once a year. But how about your inner ‘You’, didn’t you forget something real?

What is it that some people are more lucky, and others more unlucky

I am not talking about achieving their targets but about getting opportunities to help them in life to cope with uneasy situations, and this way to achieve their targets.

This is what I want to talk about in the next article, to help to get you on the right track. It is more than changing your attitude to become more caring, and less negative. You will need to prove yourself that you can change, and when you change you do it so to your entire being not just to your emotions but mainly to your memories they shaped your life the way it stands.

What I want to talk about it in part two of this article;

Become the best

If you can somehow convince yourself that you are the best, and you can spread the message around you to other people, and you convince them that they are the best, too. This pattern is like a drug to your brain, it will need it again and again! Then we all become the best in an equal way. It is like an infection spreading very fast if you can convince yourself that you are the best.

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