Can we have predictive dreams?

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Part two;

Predictive dreams don’t belong into fantasy world category or mythology, it is a fact which can’t be proved by science but we all know it does exist just like our thoughts do.

Thinking that dreams are only some pictures your mind is projecting while you sleep is not true, they are very important for the brain to sort your thoughts, feelings, and emotions gathered during waking life. Just like love and hate are inseparable, so are dreams connected to your belief, and hope.

Dreams can tell you so much about yourself. For example Physiognomy is a study about assessing a person’s character or personality from their outer appearance, especially the face. A good physiognomist will tell you about you more then you know. So it is with a dream prediction. Dreams should not be neglected, they are part of our everyday lives. So its good to learn something about them.

It is easy to accept the fact that predictive dreams might exist but it might be hard to apply the belief in the practical word.

Learning about acceptance

Yes, you do need to connect the reality with the subtle energies you are unable to perceive normally by your five basic senses. You do need to go deep in your mind, and create a sixth sense to perceive this subtle information, and start feeling it, not with your emotions because emotions they live on the conscious level of your mind, but with the sixth sense, you will slowly develop. How you can develop it then? In the way, it is very common, and most people have tried before which is breathing exercises, meditations to help you go through the emotional barrier which controls your life.

Don’t let the emotions controlling your mind, moods, and behaviour in every day’s life learn how you can control them instead!

Although I have to admit sadly, I lost the ability to have predictive dreams. I still remember most of the dreams, situations they showed me what is going on around me in real life, and then after I woke up it really happened in reality. I will tell you exactly how I developed the ability.

Find quiet place to get started

It all started in meditations, simply basic breathing exercises I have read in one book (I don’t remember the title any more) about 20 years ago. That time I worked in Germany as a waiter, barman in a town called Wasserburg. Really, a very nice little town, as usual for German villages and towns to be beautiful. It was only about 15 miles away from the Alps as the crow flies, so I could see the Alps from the hotel windows. It was amazing scenery. I worked at that hotel every day, long shifts. I had been accommodated in the hotel as well. But I still had plenty of time for myself after work because I didn’t commute. I didn’t know many people there a part of the stuff I worked with. The whole environment, only a few people around, nature, and peace. That was very subjective. The environment actually helped me to open up my mind, and get to know myself in such peaceful and quiet location.

Yes, it helps you a lot if you can find a quiet place. It helps you calm down your busy mind, and concentrate on getting to know yourself. This article is about dreams but generally speaking, to gain the ability to have predictive dreams you must not let your emotions controlling your life. You must be in control over your emotions.

You should get to know your feelings, and emotions get them under control, and this way to work on your personality. That sounds like something everybody knows, yes it might be the case. People talk a lot about their hopes, and dreams, people talk about stuff they would like to do but never will try. I want to help you find your place in life and work on it. It is all about concentration, focus, patience and persistence.

To be continued in the next chapter…

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