Can we have predictive dreams, part three

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So what is left, when your emotions are gone? Purity, clear mind with a clear vision, lighter, and deeper breath, freedom, awareness.

Steps to gain the ability to have predictive dreams, the first step

Let your emotions go away, and learn how to relax your mind. It is very simple but could be hard to do especially if you live in a big, busy city and your life is a bit hectic- very important to calm down your senses.

Let’s say after work you will find a quiet place. Still few hours before, in the morning before you go at work, you will think about your evening, that you come back home, and this time you will do things differently. Your body and mind are used to certain things you do every day without you knowing that you do it.

The way you come back home from work- you are moody, maybe not tired but your mind is in tension, and unable to let you relax. You come in, take off your coat, shoes…, and to help you relax you do a few deep breaths to forget about the unconformable memory of the busy and hectic day you experienced.

Why I am telling you all this? Your emotions are based on your uncontrolled habits associated with your character, and your character is made up of all the emotional reactions you developed over a prolonged time. The reactions to the environment around you. But who has created the environment? You did, let’s be honest, you are the creator.

Let your emotions go away, and learn how to relax your mind, easy to say, hard to do? It depends on how you look at it. More important is your attitude to the problem you are facing rather than the situation itself. Whatever problem it is, you are always given a chance to deal with it- free will to decide… If you are stressed, try to find an easy way to relax your mind. Sometimes it’s enough to do a few deep breaths.

If you let your emotions unconsciously controlling your mind all the time without taking care that it is taking you down then you will never be able to relax. That is the point. You need to learn how to relax because to gain the ability to have predictive dreams, you need to be in control of your emotions, you need to break through it, and go very deep inside your mind because emotions are only like a fragile ice crust, and you can easily break through it.

Easy way to relax your busy mind, can be reading a book for example. Reading something which will take you away from the reality…

There is a reason for practising the breathing exercise. You need to break through the emotional crust, go deep in your mind to look at your emotions from the angle where you control them, not that they control you.

The second step, breathing exercise

I am not going to recommend a book because there are many books and information about breathing exercises. I tell you how I did it.

Make sure it is a quiet place, there isn’t anything, any voices destructing you. Switch off your phone, and imagine there isn’t anything taking your attention away including your emotions or memories gathered during your busy day. Calm down all your senses. Relax your breath, your breath is calm and stable, your breath is light, and as you breathe in, your chest is going slightly up, and down as you breathe out.

Because we all have slightly different lungs capacity, I would say you come up with a number you are comfortable with and start counting down as you are breathing in and out. you are counting- 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 as breathe in, then as you breathe out the same number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Some people count slower, some faster, it is up to you what pace you go at counting.

It is very important to move your chest and abdomen, not only chest, no superficial breathing but a nice relaxed deep breathing. Imagine your lungs are an empty cup as you breathe in and out. Image air is filling up from the very bottom of your abdominal area, filling up your whole inside of the abdominal area just like water in a cup, coming up through your lungs into your upper part of the chest. As you breathe out imagine it like pouring water, you start emptying it from the upper part of your chest through your lungs, and completely to the bottom of your abdominal area.

Very important, as you breathe in, you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth to prevent breathing by mouth. You breathe in by your nose but breathe out by your mouth!

You can do it for as long as you like for around 10-15 min. It is important to stick with the regular counting which helps you to breathe more accurately- easier to relax. Try to imagine with every breath you take, you relax more and more. Start imagining from the toes, every part of your body, to your head you are relaxing and getting deeper into a relaxed mode where you take no attention to any noises.

You can see nothing because your eyes are closed. You can hear nothing because your ears are soundproof sealed. You feel no taste, you even don’t feel your physical body, e.g. that you are lying on a bed. You can even imagine you are coming out of your body to look at yourself from the outside, you see your body lying on the bed but you actually levitate above your body.

There are many ways what to image how to get your mind under your control, and get rid of emotions distracting you. After some time you will need only a few minutes to relax your mind, and body by doing these breathing exercises. At this stage you are trying to break through your emotions, let them go away for the time of relaxing, and once you manage this, the next step comes.

Third step

The third step is all about controlling yourself, getting through your emotions, finding peace, and balance. Once you master these, a new level of awareness of the subtle but for our living profound world will open up.

There is a reason for practising the breathing exercise. You need to break through the emotional crust, go deep in your mind to look at your emotions from the angle where you control them, not that they control you. You can see them on the horizon leaving you. So what is left then when your emotions are gone? Purity, clear mind with a clear vision, lighter, and deeper breath, freedom, awareness. Yes, it is a whole new level of feelings you will encounter when you let your emotions go away. They blur your vision, and never let you act rationally. I know I am writing about predictive dreams but you need to realize that these dreams are really so closely connected to reality because they show you the reality!

So you need to feel like you are the one, very calm, stable person, standing firmly on the ground, rooted deep in the earth crust, encompassing the whole earth and universe at the same time.

You are so close to experience having predictive dreams but still, there is a missing final piece provided you are patient, and you believe in yourself that you can do it. Honestly, you will discover that even when you do already have these dreams, they will go away just like that just because you feel stressed, you let your emotions controlling you again because you had another stressful, and busy day at work.

At this stage is very important to be focused, persistent, and patient to come to the next stage

Before you go to sleep, you do the breathing exercises for a few minutes. Calm down your mind, and body, focus on the question of what you want to dream about. You can say it aloud or silently in your head but the important thing is to say it in a convincing way. You need to be in control and convince your deeper mind that you want to have a dream about a certain situation.

Example; once I had a job meeting. I was obviously not sure if I get the job. I did all the steps above, and had a dream about the job. I saw in my dream the person at meeting in the company. I knew it is a man who I will meet I even saw the dress he was wearing, I knew that he takes me on, and I will work there. I even new from my dream he will be late for the meeting. So the next day when I went to the meeting, It was the man from the dream, he was late, and they took me on.

Yes, maybe it sounds ridiculous that you can see the future in your dreams. But not all dreams are predictive. Most of them are only the memories, and feelings you have gathered during your busy day- these dreams obviously you can’t control, when they come they come, and most of the time you won’t remember them anyway, which is not the case for predictive dreams.

By that time it wasn’t my first predictive dream so I took it as normal. I got used to it very quickly that I am able to see situations in my dreams, like what people are talking about me and what they say. Strange but useful ability which I have lost over time, sadly.

Also, you need to say to yourself when you are already in bed before you fall asleep that after you wake up you will remember that dream. Tell your mind that it will remind you to recall it what you have dreamt about after you wake up. If you manage to recall the dream, immediately write down every detail of the dream. That it is all my dear reader.

Practice, practice, practice

You do need to practice, and go through all the steps I described above. You can even test your mind by saying to yourself-TOMORROW MORNING I WANT TO WAKE UP AT 6 PM. You won’t see the results straight away but in time with a little afford the success will come, and you will wake up at 6am without setting alarm clock.

When you believe you can talk to your mind like it is your good servant then a whole new world will open up to you. And you will eventually discover a new person, new you, better you, stronger you.

There is still so much to say about dreams, and dreaming moods…to be continued in the next and last article.

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