Contemplation, Pseudoscience, and Philosophy combined with rational thinking

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We are like trees, strong when standing, rooted into the ground but when we don’t feel we don’t have solid ground under our feet, we lose the balance, and sometimes we fail to carry on. Technically we don’t need to have solid ground under our feet to stand still, and firmly, it’s all in our minds how we perceive the situation. A simple explanation to help you realize the facts with irrational stuff is in the combination of science, pseudoscience, psychology and philosophy.

So far I was writing about deep stuff. My articles probably found some scepticism. It’s not easy to write about supernatural stuff and to give you the proof that it’s actually real. My blog is all about combining the supernatural, parapsychology, and pseudoscience with real science, psychology, and stuff which is very natural to all of us like our basic and fundamental feelings. 

Let’s say feelings like love or hate. We all went through the basic feelings and moods, and then when we are not happy with the state of our mind, we give questions to ourselves, questions with no rational answers or explanations.

When you give yourself a question; why I am in love with this person so much…you are automatically looking for a rational answer, somebody or something to give you. You are already combining the tangible with intangible. Could it be perhaps the desperation the subjective incentive to give you such question; why I love the person? That’s very natural to ask; we are human beings with feelings and moods, these give us the iniquity from each other. This is why most of the time, if you are in love, and you want to impress the other person, you behave irrationally/ not logically but naturally, simply funny in a stupid way.

I am trying to say that every day we have so many thoughts, feelings, and moods we have to deal with to survive in the environment surrounding us. Some of them have a completely irrational attachment, e.g. giving you a question; why I got into the same sh… again just like yesterday? How to get out of it, how to prevent experiencing the same unfavourable situation again.

Maybe nothing is wrong from the outside, maybe you are just not content and happy from the inside with what you have achieved so far.

You will find the answer in my articles I wrote before, that you are the centre of activity, you are the action, and the surrounding is only a reflection of the picture you have created, the surrounding is the reaction to the action. The way you deal with what you have created whether you accept it or deny it, I call ‘connection’. In that connection, you can see the final product of what you have created. It is you as the creator of the energy, radiating into space everywhere around you, creating the environment, creating the reaction, and then BOOM, Clash of Titans!

Your feelings and emotions mixed with moods and thoughts. What comes out is sometimes painful and hurting you based on the level of your consciousness. Yes so many feelings, and emotions, can sometimes lead you into nowhere. Sometimes you have rational questions, sometimes irrational, but for those perhaps philosophy can help, maybe you are shouting desperately in silence, seeking God’s help. So even if you are atheist, unbeliever you never stick with one type of question, you always try to use a mixture of them to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Plato, one of the greatest philosophers of all times. The founder of the Academy, the first institution of higher learning in the Western world.

Hope never dies

Here I come with my articles to help you realize that the hope never dies. Because hope is not feeling or emotion. Hope is an aspect, a point. It touches you from the inside. Because when you feel hope you feel safe, protected, you feel like there is a way out, and another chance to set things right, like there is a saviour close to you.

Combining pseudoscience, philosophy, and supernatural stuff with science, and all the other stuff backed up with researches giving us solid and tangible proofs about something we want to know, is an answer to every question we have about life every day. We have stepped into new millennium two decades ago, and maybe it’s time to rethink the way we react to different situations in life, and how we treat ourselves in the modern world.

I know it’s a very far future, but I don’t think that in 100 years we will think the way we do nowadays. The future is actually great but it will still take so many generations before we realize the main purpose to be on earth as humans. Definitely not to be born to work, pay tax, and bills, and struggle to save a little bit for yourself, and deal with money this way as a general rule of practice. This is a perfect description of a vicious circle, of how it should not look like. There is nothing wrong with money, what is wrong is the approach we take to look at it as a legal tender. For example, we have charities supporting other people in need or saving animals from extinction, replanting trees etc…

because we don’t live only once but for forever….

It is very important to take care of ourselves not just from the outside, the way we look – making the first impression, but mainly trying to synchronize with the human body, mind and soul, and that  is a must to succeed on the mental, physical, and astral level, too.

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