How to Control Your Mind

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How to control your mind

Control Your Mind

Let’s say you wake up in the morning, you start thinking about your problems. Those problems are memories’ circuits in the brain. Each of the memories is connected to situations, people, and things at certain times and places. These are past records in the brain, and the moment you start thinking about these you are in the past, not creating a new future but actually, the same things repeat, again and again, day by day, bad, negative thoughts connected to the same memories…Let’s call it a time circuit.

Time circuit

 A time where everything has stopped, you stuck in your memories in the feelings based on your experiences from the past.

Let me explain- A river moves. A river forms from water moving from a higher altitude to a lower altitude, all due to gravity, but that is just the law of physics, but good for comparison.

So if a river doesn’t flow, it stagnates all life perishes and starts to decay. Something similar is happening when you get stuck in your past feelings. You are not creating anything, you are stagnating.

Memories, emotions, feelings

…let’s continue, so each of the memories has an emotion attached to it, and emotions are the product of past experiences. So the moment you recall those memories, you start feeling unhappy, sad, and angry.

And how you feel it creates your state of being. So the entire state of your being is in the past. And this way you start your day! This is becoming your habit, and a habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. Means you are creating your future to go this way!

Tune Your Memories

If you feel negatively tuned based on your memories, you should think greater then you feel

Feelings are like emotional clusters encompassing your mind by radiating the negative emotions throughout, but if you can go through these emotional clusters…if you can just go…Imagine they are like clouds so light, and you can go through them so easily. Imagine they have no core or roots; they are only floating in the air just like your feelings, but only on the superficial level, on the level of consciousness, just like the clouds on the sky. Don’t let them control you and spoil your day!

You know you get off your bed the same way, you drink your morning coffee before you go to work, you check the news or maybe FB before you go at work…that becomes a routine, it becomes like a program. That is like losing a free will what you can do with your life to improve it.

A habit of becoming a routine

Problem is when the repeated habit becomes a routine, and a routine is not something you can easily change or even get rid of as it is connected to your subconscious mind. Unconscious habits, hardwired attitudes, believe, and perceptions, these function like a computer program. So one day you say to yourself I want to be happy, I want to feel free but your body is on a whole different program. So how you begin to make those changes?

Getting beyond your analytical mind is the key to succeed

You have to get beyond the analytical mind that separates the conscious mind from the subconscious mind. This is the analytical mind, this is where meditation comes. You can learn through practice to change your brain waves, and when you do it properly, you are able to enter the operating system where you can begin to make some important changes.

Let’s say you have experienced a traumatic event, you keep thinking about it day and night. We all know it is very hard to get over a trauma, so why is it so hard?

The stronger emotional reaction you have in your life, the higher the emotional quotient the more you pay the attention to the cause

The moment the brain puts all of its attention on the cause, it takes a snapshot= a memory. Long term memories are created from very highly emotional experiences. You feel so much chemically within the boundaries of those emotions.

So when you have an emotional reaction to someone or something, you think you can’t control your emotional reaction. If you allow an emotional reaction to happen it’s called refractory period, if it lasts for hours or even days that is called mood this emotional reaction. So if you keep feeding this emotional reaction for weeks or months that is called temperament.

Temperament, and personality

You know someone, and the person is so bitter, feels down, you ask him why, and he goes –‘Well I had this thing happened to me 5 months ago….you know…’ So if you keep going in the same emotional reaction for years on end that is called personality. And then you can’t even predict it anymore, because it’s programmed subconsciously.

So then you ask the person, why are you this way, and he goes. ‘I am this way because of what happened to me 15 years ago’.

Addiction based on your prolonged uncontrolled emotions

So the person hasn’t been able to change since that event. So then the emotions from the experience tend to give the body and the brain rush of energy. So people become addictive to those emotions, and they use their problems and conditions of their life to reaffirm their limitations so at least they can feel something. So when the time to change comes, it’s like an impossible task to do because you keep recalling the event, because you are producing the chemistry your body got used to. Your body is the unconscious mind, it doesn’t know the difference between the experience that is creating the emotion, and the emotion that you are creating by thought alone so the body believes that it is living in the same past experience 24/7/365.

Making a change it is the hardest part

So when those emotions influence certain thoughts, and they do, and then those thoughts create the same emotions, and the same emotions influence the same thoughts now the entire person’s state of being is in the past so then the hardest part about change is not making the same choices you did the day before, period. And the moment you decide to make a different choice get ready because it’s going to feel uncomfortable.

So when you step into the river of change, you feel uncomfortable, and you make a different choice and all of the sudden you don’t feel the same way.

Art of Changing the Mindset

So your body says

You’ve been doing this for so many years, and you are gonna just stop feel suffering, and stop feeling guilty, and shameful? You are not gonna complain or blame or make excuses or feel sorry for yourself?’

The body is simply in the ‘unknown’

The body wants to return to the familiar territory. So the body starts influencing the mind and it says ‘ start tomorrow’ it doesn’t feel right to do the change now…so if you respond to that thought, this thought will lead to the same choice, behaviour, feeling and eventually create the same experience!

The body becomes your unconscious mind

So your body is your unconscious mind, let’s say you sit down, and think about the event happened so many years ago. You think of that event, and you begin to feel the emotions of that event, your body doesn’t know the difference between the event that is taking place in your mind, and what happened so many years ago, and when comes the time to give up that emotions you say I really want to do it but really the body is stronger than the mind because it’s been conditioned that way.

Start creating your future

So the servant now became a master because your body doesn’t let you change the state of your being that easy. Being in the unknown is a scary place for most people because the unknown is uncertain. So how you can predict your future when you are in the unknown?

Well, the best way to predict your future is to create it, not from the known but form the unknown.

If you close your eyes and you are truly present the brain doesn’t know the difference between what you are imagining and what you are experiencing in the 3D world. So when you begin to install the neurological hardware in your brain to look like the event has already occurred. Now, the brain is no longer a record of the past, now it’s a map to the future. And if you keep doing it that way the hardware becomes a software program, and who knows you may just start acting like a happy person…

Make the change

The hardest part is to teach our body emotionally what the future will feel like ahead of the actual experience. That means you can’t wait for your success to happen, you can’t wait for your wealth to feel abundant…

Most people spend their lives waiting for something to change out there…You need to stick to the predictable, to predict future you need to reprogram your mind not just to wait for it to happen…

So don’t act like you are a victim, act like you are a creator.

Your thinking creates the environment and the environment around you affects your thinking

How we begin this process of visualization of empowering?

 Let’s say you wake up in the morning, and you are not being defined by a vision of the future as you start your day the same way, you see the same people, you go to same places, you do the same thing, probably at the same time, it’s no longer that your personality is creating your personal reality. Now your personal reality is affecting your personality. Now your environment is really controlling how you feel, unconsciously because every person, place, everything or experience, has a neurological network in your brain. So you might use your boss as an object to reaffirm your addiction to judgment. You use your enemy to reaffirm your addiction to hatred or you use your friends to reaffirm your addition to suffering. Now you need the outer world to feel something because that makes you human that you have feelings, right…So to change this is to be greater than your environment.

Tools to help you make the change

Meditation- a way to change

One of the tools to change it is meditation, let’s sit down, let’s close your eyes, let’s disconnect from the outer environment. Simply if you see fewer things it is less stimulation going to your brain, if you have earplugs, and you listen to relaxing music, less sensory information coming to your brain so you are already disconnecting from the environment.

Ok, there can still be the disruption from the outer environment like ‘I need to check my email or FB on my phone…’ NO! You say to yourself, I am disconnecting now, and my body, you will obey me for a while’! Simply try not to smell anything or to think of a meal, disconnect from everyone that you don’t feel like you need to check your phone (switch off your phone, put it somewhere with no reach).

Now you are being defined by your thoughts not feelings

So now you are not being defined (your being) by the feelings or emotions, but by your thoughts! So when your body wants to go back to your state of emotions, you are actually controlling it, and you can easily say NO, and carry on meditating, and disconnecting from the outer environment.  If you are able to become aware of that and you settle your body back down in the present moment, you say to yourself, ok its 8 am, and you normally get upset because you got stuck in traffic, and you used to feel the uncontrolled anger, and then you start judging everyone….,

The body is looking for that state-predictable chemical state of emotions. Every time you become aware that you are doing that your body is craving those emotions, and you settle it back down into the present moment, you are telling the body, it’s no longer the mind, you are the mind. And now you will, is getting greater than the program, so if you keep doing this over and over again, the body will be no longer the mind, you are becoming the mind, your thoughts for better future, and not your body which is set to react emotionally based on your past experiences…This is deliberation of energy, you are literally becoming a free man who can control your emotions. You free yourself from the chains of those emotions that keep you in the past.

Now, for that moment in time, you should feel that there is a chance to make big changes in your life, to make changes for a better defined and predictable future. Nothing else to say, just try…, but be persistent, consistent, focused, determined, and believe in yourself.

Life Change

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