Ghosts, and the psychological explanation behind their existence, Part two;

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‘I would like to start with explaining this phrase before I tell you some creepy stories about how I involuntarily but in a very nice, and safe way encountered the appearance of a ghost’

We all are the same, and equal on the subatomic level, no difference between us= no hard feelings.

To me, it is very simple to understand because I don’t see much difference between our emotions, human body, mind or just the ‘ghostly thing’ because on a subatomic level we are equal. What is different is the frequencies, waves, and radiation coming out of the reactions between molecules inside an atom. I don’t need to know much about chemistry or physics to understand what is life about, right.

For some supersensitive people like me is normal to talk about supernatural stuff the way I do. I exaggerate a little bit now but it’s true. In meditations, you just don’t have any questions, means no answers. You simply become one and equal to everything around you. It only depends on the level of your acceptance the supernatural stuff, and on the level of absolute willingness to surrender, and submit yourself to the energy with no feelings, emotions, and with an easy conscience.

Well, many years ago when I started with my breathing exercises and meditations. I was about 16 years old. I quickly discovered what the mysterious world behind the scene is all about is. So, I kind of became sensitive to the irrational, unreal stuff, and then one day a saw a ghost. It happened at home in the kitchen. It was just a flash, it zoomed along me from the side, and as it did, I saw the flash of it. That gave me goosebumps, and I felt scared. It was quite late evening. I didn’t understand what happened, and why. I thought it was just a seeming. But I could not forget.

That was also the time when I had no explanation what and why just happened. I also have to mention my mum, who that time was doing some healing. Yes, she was a great healer. She became quite famous in the town where we used to live. She never took any money for it, never!

Her healing was really heavy calibre to me, I didn’t understand how she does it, and how is it possible that one human can heal another human distantly, just by praying, and putting her hands over the ill person’s photograph. She was curing incurable. She had healed people with cancers, with so many different incurable illnesses, or even couples they couldn’t have children. She had done some magic, and then the woman came back to say thank you to my mum because she got pregnant.

So, I saw it all happening with my naked eyes. That was probably the ignition to everything who I am now.

There are more aspects of your being existence in the space-time; one is linked to your physical living life, another one to the sleeping which is dreaming, and another one to the life after death. These are all connected just like your body, brain, and mind all nicely together. It takes more than courage to admit this. It takes wisdom!


1)   The origin of the term Ghost was originally presented in public by Professor Walter William Skeat in his annual address as president of the Philological Society in 1886- this is actually not a long time ago,

2)    When you consider that the concept of a ghost is based on the ancient idea that a person’s spirit exists separately from his or her body, and may continue to exist after that person dies. Because of this idea, many societies began to use funeral rituals as a way of ensuring that the dead person’s spirit would not return to “haunt” the living.

It is not about the name but about the perception and acceptance of the other world. I gave two examples in the history because we have here the tradition combined with the name which is ghost.

So, what happens after death then? Well, life carries on…

During your physical waking life you know you are alive because you feel pain, not just the physical one, but also the mental or emotional one. You can feel mentally unwell or even sick in some cases or emotionally hurt, and still carry on living. Unfortunately, you are suppressing your inner needs, and probably giving up on your life. Just because you concentrate on the superficial, what you can physically touch and feel. But how about the inner you? Life is not just about emotions but inner peace and finding your position in the space, although life is more than that because life carries on even after you are dead.

‘The encounter I had with a ghost it’s hard to believe. That’s why I need to explain it to you how is it possible you can see, feel, or talk to a ghost. Sit tight, this is not for weak characters but very important to know to understand the whole point’

So what’s the deal with life after death?

Wow, now you just can’t believe what you are reading, can you? Just take it easy, and carry on reading, I will explain…

During your waking life, you are forming your character, your memories, behaviour, acting, and reaction to the action in the environment you live. You normally focus on what you can touch physically or emotionally like your feelings. Let’s say you have suffered a trauma some time ago, you still think of the situation during your waking life. No matter what you do because you live in the past your brain thinks the past is happening now, so it will adjust your behaviour to your feelings, and memories, and will always lead you back to the sorrow you have suffered some time ago. This is a prolonged feeling which leads to changes in your character, and actually even your brain structure, you are literally carving the footprints of your suffers in the brain not just pathologically but also emotionally. This is leaving memories deep inside your mind for the rest of your life! These feelings are primary to your logical thinking ( but residing very deep inside you as secondary thoughts) you possess, and when you die; simply the life after death, then these thoughts come out, and become primary feelings to your soul.

The very first thing your soul has to deal with is these thoughts, remembering who you were, mainly to yourself during your life on earth. If someone is leaving this physical but beautiful world full of hate, regrets, reproaching, then this is the energy the person is taking with to the other life after death. It’s very extremely controversial but I would say dying happy and content with yourself is what it takes to be a happy soul.

(I can’t explain it in more details as there is not much space in this article).

‘When you leave this physical world, you leave with three things; dignity, memories, and freedom’

If you knew this place is haunted would you go there just to find out…?

My encounter with a ghost

Many years ago before we bought our house with my partner, we used to live in a block of flats. It was quite a very old massive building, and our flat was very old-dated, in need of modernization. When we moved in we didn’t know that there was an old lady murdered by her husband many years ago. After some time I started having quite a strange feeling that there is someone watching us, especially at night. One day my mum came to visit us for 2 weeks. She slept in that flat there. I described before about her healing powers and her super-sensitivity to the energy. She told me that every time she is here she has a very strange feeling like there is s ghost in here, some old lady who died tragically. My mum, she insisted that there is a ghost, that she can feel the entity, I really could not feel it the way she did, but I told her that I have a strange feeling that there is someone watching us at night.

I decided to investigate. I asked some neighbours who live there for a very long time, perhaps they might know what happened in our flat. And, our neighbour admitted that there was an old lady murdered in our flat about 20 years ago. I got goosebumps! I was kind of laughing, but obviously, when you are told such a scary thing, it doesn’t let you sleep normally any more. I was not scared but thinking about the whole situation.

Until One night, I was already in bed, and our little daughter was sleeping already, too. But my girlfriend was still watching telly. It was around midnight or so, I was sleeping already, but something woked me up. I thought that my girlfriend was going to sleep. So, something stepped in our bedroom, where I was sleeping, I heard some steps, I thought it is my girlfriend. I was lying on the site towards the edge of the bed, so I thought it is her coming to me from the other side of the bed. I swear I felt literally like she is lying down, and going under my blanket, I was still half sleeping but woken up the way I knew exactly what is happening. I didn’t turn towards her, I just said ‘good night’ to her. From all of sudden, I felt a massive chill, and kind of cold air around me, coming from her. I also felt some feelings like sorrow and helplessness. I started feeling like someone is sucking on my energy. I was very clear that it’s not my girlfriend but probably the ghost.

I even felt that the ghost is an old woman. I knew straight away that’s her. I turned around, I didn’t see a face or body, I saw a shadow in my bed. I have to say, believe me, or not, I wasn’t scared. I tried to talk to her, not by talking but by my mind. I understood her feelings, she was complaining to me that she was murdered, I told her I know. I started explaining her stuff I described above how it is with feelings, thoughts, memories, life as human, and life after death. I told her she needs to find the strength to forgive, simply let it go, and carry on living the life after death.

She understood and left. I never felt or saw her ever again. Yes, it was so easy! And, despite the fact I actually talked to a ghost in my bed at midnight I felt relief, I felt she is gone. I even didn’t have the feeling someone is watching us anymore.  Completely unbelievable, and amazing!

What I have learnt from it

From this occasion, I have learnt so much about life after death, and I also learnt something about ghosts. That the world they live is very connected to ours. That a ghost is a soul in human body. That life on earth is only interchange station to higher energy. The energy we are all part of anyway even during your physical life. And it is only up to you as an individual how you take it, how you can accept this, and how you perceive it.

I have learnt so much about the universe, time, and space, humans emotions, memories, and how it is all connected in the symbiosis of life. There are many other different worlds out there, not just ours on earth, and then the life after when we die, there are many others…

But if you like to stay only on the material, physical level, that is completely fine but then you are missing on the chance to see the real beauty of what is life all about. Life is unlimited, undefined thanks to human mind, and its abilities to connect with the energy, life is connected.

‘We don’t live only once, we live forever’

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