How to draw someone’s attention when you are heading up in a profession

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When you are heading up in a profession, as a rule of practice, you always look up for the people they have already reached the top. The point is, these successful people don’t usually look down that’s why they can’t see you! They can’t see that you covet for making contact with them. However, it doesn’t mean that they are arrogant, it only means they always look up, forward, and aiming for the best. How to find a way to draw’s attention towards you, then?

Easier to talk about, harder to do

  • Wearing an appropriate dress with giving the impression you take care of yourself is a must
  • Start with unexpected, start with a bang, not with a whimper
  • Keep it concrete at the start
  • Keep it moving
  • Get to the point
  • Keep it steady but arose emotion
  • Show some respect- appreciate,
  • Let them talk but be active in speech, be proactive and well prepared for the subject before you talk about it
  • Don’t be argumentative when trying to exchange information
  • Don’t be shy, be outgoing 
  • Don’t show signs for introversion nor for extroversion, just stay active, and interested
  • Be positively motivated

There are many more things to mention how to draw someone’s attention, who is very important to you. Having a conversation with a person who is important to you, it takes preparation, indeed. It takes experience, and experience is very hard to gain without proper knowledge. Unfortunately, knowledge without experience is nothing but a hollow shell. A well-balanced combination of both I call ‘wisdom’.

How you can say fire burns without trying to touch it

You see, no matter how many times you are told that fire burns you always will be tempted to try to touch or get to its proximity. Ok, you’ve been told and you are scared but being scared of something you never tried before? This is exactly what the highly successful entrepreneurs or businessmen do; they go through obstacles, they are not afraid to fail and to learn from the failure, and come out stronger, consequently. They know that fire burns but despite the situation, they still go through it again and again until they find a way not to fail again, means they succeeded not failing. It’s all about trying. Every time you try again, you shall be doing it better and better, that is progress leading you to succeed.

It takes guts, courage and determination but if you carry on as nothing can bring you down you will eventually reach your destiny, just because everything is leading you to go this way. It is very easy to talk about it but very hard to do. Of course, it is hard. Success is not for everyone but only for the well-prepared and determined ones.

There are always two sides of a story

Do you feel you are the one who can succeed? Well, the time will show. That brings up one question; are you enough patient, are you enough determined to take the chance?

‘Every story always has two sides, just like a coin. A story is a compilation of many words, squeezed into sentences, and if you have a story made up of negative words like ‘I can’t do it any more’ or ‘why I am so unsuccessful’. What juice do you get from it? Nothing beneficial or nutritional, isn’t it? Nothing, which gives you enough energy to do it!’

A brief story of a success

One side of success is made of failures, errors and pitfalls. Another side of success is the success itself. It is important to know, you are supposed to learn from what you have done wrong or that you have failed, and somehow, you are able to get up, recover, and carry on stronger than before, you are building success, inevitably! Put these two into balance, and you squeeze the best from it.

Draw attention to yourself, first

Because you are the one who shifts things around, therefore, it all starts with you. You are the centre of activity, you are the action, and consequently, the environment around you is the reaction to your action. The energy in-between I simply call ‘interaction’. The way you interact with what you have created is the way you can put things in balance.

The way you interact with what you have created is the way things will shift around. So, if you feel negative because you have negative thoughts, just face it, and try to turn it into something positive.

An article; how to turn your weakness into your strength;

Before you try to draw someone’s attention to you

Try to draw attention to yourself, first. As I mentioned before, you are the centre of activity, so work on yourself, in order to get what you want from the others around you, which is the attention, appreciation.

  • You want the others to be honest and patient with you? Try to be honest and patient with yourself
  • You want the others to let you talk and listen to you? Listen to yourself, what words are you releasing, are they negative, positive… Practise speech, and test yourself how well you are prepared for your speech or dialogue
  • You want the others to respect you just the way you are? Stand straight, look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself smile. Feel confident, and stand up for yourself, don’t be shy, be outgoing, and active.

It is fundamental for any conversation to let others talk, listen, and accept other’s point of views. Accept if you would like to be accepted, be patient, stay cool and calm, but be proactive and outgoing, be attentive but not argumentative. Smile at people, if you want them to smile at you.

Finally, if you want the success to come to you, don’t give it a chance to walk away from you, but feel like it is here already because good opportunity doesn’t come very often.

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