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Well, we all want to be motivated, and yet so many times we fail to find the secrets of motivation. Guess what, it is easier than it looks…The answer is; Just do it! Motivation is about attitude; managing and controlling your mind.

Motivation is not the cause of action; it is the by-product of action. If I think that motivation is the cause of action, then I am going to wait to be motivated before I do something. If I realize that it is the by-product of the action then I will start doing something I always wanted to do or to be, right away. Guess what, motivation will come up and zap you. And all of a sudden you feel good, and you are glad you are doing it and you say ‘wow’ this is truly wonderful. So let it be the by-product to your life!

You might think that I am not right with the by-product expression. It is just the case of naming stuff to make it easier to recall it later when you give yourself a question like;

why I always fail on motivation when I am doing it’because if you do it for the sake to wait for the motivation then you will never achieve what you want to achieve. It is that simple.

Example; you are studying and preparing for the big day of your exams, you don’t like what you study but you know you need to pass. Imagine you passed already even before that happens. We talk about emotions now, emotions are more associated with dreaming, emotions won’t support you much because, of course, you don’t feel only positive emotions but also negative emotions like; what happens if I fail or I hate what I study. This is why you need to stay realistic, focused, and persistent that you will carry on the study and pass your exams successfully no matter what it takes. Don’t think about it, just do it! You are getting the point now, aren’t you?

You can do goal setting with your pencil but you have to do goal-getting with your legs.

Make a commitment to yourself

Nothing comes to you until you commit yourself. Nothing comes to you if you are only going to try but you are not committed. Nothing comes to you if you are just thinking about it! Stay with it long enough to find out if there is any fruit in it. You can do goal setting with your pencil but you have to do goal-getting with your legs. Find the power within yourself to fuel your legs that you can run it. You do have to take action!And it is the action of knowing, and doing which determines the way your decision goes to make changes in your life. ‘The greatest gap in this world is the gap between knowing and doing’.

  • Knowing is goal setting- I know what I want so you set the goal e.g. about losing weight.
  • Doing is goal achieving- you need to feel the motivation. The only way, once you set the target/ goal, is to be focused, persistent, resistant against failing, and you simply want to achieve your goal no matter whatever it takes.

My personal experience says; Knowledge without experience is nothing. If you know something, how you can tell it is real? You do have to experience it first! If you think (you know) that you studied enough to pass your exam, and then you don’t pas but fail, who you gonna blame or perhaps finding excuses will do? You need to feel like you’ve passed already, make it happen before it happens! That’s the whole magic behind to move things in your life the way you want. The balance between knowing and experiencing is very powerful. I call it wisdom.

Let’s talk about it

You never heard someone talking about accidental achievements. You never heard someone to get to the top of a mountain, and when somebody asked them ‘how did you get there?’ Kind of looked confused and say ‘I have no idea’. They know how they got there! They had to walk to get up there; it is all afford to get you to the top of the mountain but a nice afford, afford to make you stronger…

There are lots of people they want to be inspired by great things, but they don’t want to do the hard work to achieve great things. That reminds me of dreaming –

Say to yourself

I trust the moment I am, really trust today‘s that I will roll up my sleeves, look at something I haven’t tackled for a while, and dive in. I will be amazed that once I do the hard work, I will get inspired. P.s. Don’t wait to get inspired, before you do the hard work. Do the hard work, and get inspired by doing it. Stick with your plan, stay focused…you know the rest now.

I can honestly tell you guys, every time I write some article about how to live life, I always get inspired. And this is it. When I start writing, most of the times, I don’t know what my writing is going to look like but I stay focused, and I simply do, and it when I finish it, I feel inspired’!

So, I read it again and again, to make sure it is in an easily readable form, and I get inspired by the work I have done! You see, it is always about little things to start with to find out your potential in achieving big goals. That reminds me of another article I wrote

Don’t say to yourself it is hard work to achieve a goal

Because it is, we all know it. You don’t need the assurance that it is. What you need to do is to take the chance to make changes. If it sounds challenging then you failed before you even started to think about how to achieve your goal. Say to yourself you love challenges!

Hoping, after reading this article you feel enough inspired to make little changes. Remember, it is all about the little things first, to make little changes because they are easier to accomplish but make big difference to your mood, attitude, performance, and the whole way you look at things when you want to achieve a goal or make big changes!

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