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My blog is not easy to write about. I am not writing e.g. about travels, would be easier to read for a reader but my blog is about humans mind, body, and all the energy which surrounds us.  That’s why it is impossible to simplify my writing. I spend a huge amount of my time over one article. It is time-consuming. I write according to my experience. My articles are elaborate, deep, make you stop and think, maybe not for everyone but not many blogs like this one.

I love creativity. When I create, things make sense to me simply. This is my creation to the world. I do it for many reasons. The main one is my personal growth.

We have stepped into a new Millennium long time ago, and people still behave like in old times. We are cruel, we judge based on emotions, we are actually more distant to each other than ever before but we use all  the gadgets and the modern technology which connect us instantly no matter what the distance is.

In my line of work, it looks like we are not creating but taking things very personally in a centralized way. Honestly, no man is an island!

So I am writing about all this and much more in a very detail to deliver a message that we are definitely not alone and the future will only be great but there are many obstacles to overcome, and we shall help each other on the way to succeed.

P.S. We don’t live only once but forever.

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