Life-changing attitude to a healthier mindset

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Your mindset is your power, is your ‘everything’ you want to succeed in every aspect of your life. From time to time, we all try to change, improve or do anything it takes, to feel healthy and become successful. It doesn’t take much afford to try to do something, but on the other hand, trying doesn’t mean much either. Trying to do something we think about is a matter of curiosity.

Curiosity makes us be more playful, and creative broadens our visions. What is really needed to set your mind to go at its maximum speed is the focus, determination, persistence, willingness to carry on when you fall, and simply get up stronger. These are the great attributes, these are the seeds for growing a healthy mindset. When your mind is set to succeed, thanks to you, there isn’t really anything able to stop it, unless you want to… Let’s take a journey deep in your mind to set it right.

There are many ways what to do for the right ‘mindset’ like; physical exercise, stop smoking, limit your alcohol to 2 drinks a day, meditate, and so on… it is something we all know. Something, if you for example smoke, you will try, and then fail, and try and fail again…this is the matter of curiosity to try what it will do with you if you stop smoking, and when you discover that you still constantly think about smoking, you prefer to fail rather than give up on smoking. It’s easier this way because your mind is not occupied any more with the annoying ‘thinking about giving up’.

Failing is not a problem but an option

It’s much easier to find excuses than accept the fact that you failed. Simply, learn from it, get up, and carry on stronger. Because every time you get up after you fail, you get up stronger, just like a little baby learning to walk. We all see failing differently. One would feel broken down, ashamed, exhausted from failing, another one would learn from it, get up, and carry on stronger. It’s all about attitude.

Not only about smoking but generally speaking about excuses

How can you build a healthy and strong mind or mindset, when you actually do it but only in the sense of trying, and giving up, and every time you give up, you come up with some excuses? You obviously don’t want to feel down, upset, sad, angry or even humiliated about yourself that you failed. The excuses they work like a self-defence mechanism to come with a rational outcome in an irrational world like;

Why do I have to stop smoking when I keep thinking about the ciggies, and it feels like I still hold it but I am not holding it because I stopped smoking. Well, it’s easier to smoke again, at least I can relax, and concentrate on the more important stuff-

This is only a seeming, and a way to let your emotions controlling your life. If you manage to control your emotions instead, your life will instantly become easier!

In this case; rational one is the smoking, and irrational is the idea to stop smoking but you can’t stop smoking because it is still in your mind. The subconscious mind is dealing with the irrational, and the conscious mind is dealing with rational thinking.  The subconscious mind controls your emotions, and thoughts about the staff you do every day by 95% like desires, wishes or what you have learnt in childhood… The rest of 5% is dealt with your conscious mind- the superficial state of rational, and material stuff= reality. It is very important to become aware, and have it under control the linking/connection between the subconscious and the conscious world your brain resides. It is a constant battle between the two words. It is duality.

A duality as an evolution necessity

A duality makes you be flexible in decision-making situations, unfortunately, it makes you be very soft or indecisive when comes making rapid, radical or important decisions. This is exactly what makes us human beings with all the emotions swings and feelings we have, and not only humans made from flesh and bones including the mushy stuff we call the brain. It’s all about the mind, this is where the evolution goes…

We all live in constant duality

To make decisions about this or that, whether I lift the pen with my right hand but I will write with my left hand…these decisions come in a fraction of a second, we don’t even think about it because it’s something we have learnt in childhood- how to hold a pen, and write. But here comes the difference; because we don’t think about it anymore, we do it automatically.

So, if you have a thought about something you would like to achieve, like having a little dream going through in your mind every day, and you think it’s not realistic to make it happen then we are talking about irrational stuff. But let me tell you, the reality is really not real it is only imagination of our mind, and its senses, including the way we perceive time as a human. E.g. flies can see the world from a much greater angle, and it goes really slow for them, that’s why they are so hard to catch. Anything can be achieved, anything! It’s all about attitude, and the right mindset. Also if you do an activity, and you like what you do, the time goes faster, if you are bored, time goes slower- there have been made numerous studies about this time-phenomenon, and they all agree on the same principles how our brains perceive time.

Mindset is neither a pill nor a list of things or tasks to do to be healthier and more financially successful. I can give you the list of things to keep your mind healthy like; start exercising, stop smoking, do crosswords, puzzles, read more, swim, cycle, eat healthier food and so on… but it’s not easy to stick with a plan when you don’t know how to work on it or what is particularly best for you.

One plan can’t be followed in the same way by thousands of people. If you are doing only a physical exercise or one particular thing than yes, but a healthier mindset is about more than a physical exercise. Because, if you really want to make big changes in your life, we need to work on your mind; how to control your emotions, what emotions are, and how to change your attitude or to get rid of bad habits preventing you from succeeding.

You are only a thumb away from making things right, from your happiness, and from what you like

Pre-preparation for a plan for a healthier mindset

Before you go online to look up for a plan to follow;

1)         Write down what you want to achieve. Write down your strengths-what can help you to successfully achieve your goal and your weaknesses- what is preventing you from achieving your goals.

2)         Read it a few times, think what steps you need to take, make a plan/schedule when you start, what days, and what you actually will be doing.

For example; you know that running can help you to lose weight (if you do it regularly), you know it’s good for your blood pressure, for your heart…, but what you might not know is that some people would prefer walking fast just because they don’t like running. Some people want to run but can’t because they have health issues, for example; Varixes: An enlarged and convoluted vein, artery, or lymphatic vessel. When you have varixes, you should not run-not healthy, but you can walk fast- very beneficial!

3)         Start doing the actual exercise (If we talk about physical achievement), and definitely write it down every time you exercise. After accomplishing, it is very beneficial for your mind to have a little treat. I don’t mean chocolate but for example; to say to yourself in front of a mirror that you made it! Because appreciation is a very powerful act of valuation. You don’t need to be valued by others when none around just say to yourself that you made it! Write it even down- it’s a very powerful phrase, and stick it on the fridge, in the car on the dashboard or anywhere where you will see it!

You can read my article about valuation and appreciation here;

4)         Ok, you tried to run or walk, whatever the exercise was, you only tried once, twice, three times. So, here turns the actual act of curiosity into something, for your mind valuable, and important. Repetition is the lock in the door. Focus, persistence, resistance, immense hunger to succeed, willingness to feel the pain, and get up stronger- are the key to unlocking the door to success!

I always say; if you are still standing firmly on the ground, you haven’t reached the bottom of your problem yet. And a problem is not a problem until you want it to be a problem. It is a cluster of energy charged with your emotions because you have created the energy (problem). So if your emotions are negative, the matter (your problem will be negative as well). If you have positive thoughts about the ‘problem’, your energy will change it into something positive, a positively charged cluster of energy. Easily done, don’t you think!

5)         Be patient, don’t try to compare to the others doing the same or similar. You are unique human, no one else like you on earth, so it’s only you who will see the changes happening. It’s your body, your mind.

6)         Don’t try to make judgemental outcomes over yourself that you can’t see any results. Don’t look for the negative but the positive. Still stay focused, determined, and carry on…it’s been now a week or maybe many weeks since you started, you just focus on carrying on…

7)         If you exercise, try to do it with other people. We are socialised human beings, and even when you are loner, you still will have moments in your life when you want to see people, and when you see them, and you do the same thing with them, and they notice the changes on you, and appreciate it, you will feel much better. Competition is a driving power to get to know your physical capabilities.

8)          Now you should have a clearer awareness of your weaknesses, strengths, and what ways you prefer going to make your mind cleared, cleansed, and set your mind right. Some people really want to exercise, the others prefer trying yoga, meditations or just to find a way how to stop smoking.

I created 8 points to work on as number 8 in numerology for a person means; Assertiveness, determination, and responsibility. Work on your desires the way your curiosity goes away, and focus, determination, and responsibility shall be your attributes to carve your character!

Last thing to realize before you make a plan

We are individually so different in thinking, and the way we want to perceive the world around us, but one thing connects us all which is time. When you set your mind to achieve something, you want it now, so you try, but you discover it takes time, and afford. Most people call it hard work. Well, let me tell you, that’s a very wrong attitude, dude!

You need to accept the fact that making your life better by setting up the right mindset takes time, afford, and it makes radical and profound changes to your body and mind, and also it makes changes leading you to victory!

There are many ways how to improve your mindset or even your memory.

Memory; and Memory part two;

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