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When the satisfaction from money is your priority over happiness from being simply you.

Concrete floor as materialism, grass as the emotions. No matter how long and how hard you can ignore your feelings, they will always find a way out…

It is a vicious circle

If you are materialistic then you only get the superficial, constructed goodness from the attention. When you are a businessman, you need to be materialistic, smart, and always to be above the situation telling people made up stuff which has not much spiritual or life ‘as it stands’ value but a value of doing business, making money, saving all profits, and further investing into the future of your business which is very essential if you feel you want to go only this way in life but if it was me I would feel like there is something missing, like the point of making money, what is it all for, for your business, and…? Unless you give money, let’s say on a charity…

Maybe, to show to other people I can be financially independent, stable. Hmm, life is more than that, don’t you think. If you turn ill, unable to carry on doing your businesses or you grow old wanting to retire to pass your business onto some other entrepreneur…, and then you grow even older that the last days of your life you think of what a stress it used to be to keep things going businesswise, and all your memories come together with your feelings as ‘I had some stressful years when I was active before. I think I missed something but now it’s too late…’, and your memories and regrets go this way….

You can even improve in your business life as a person if you can concentrate on your weaknesses, not that your business has weaknesses or strategies they need to improve but simply you. Your business is about you, so much time you give it but never have time for yourself… I think you are getting the point. It’s all about attitude.

Attitude plays a key role in succeeding

Concrete floor as materialism, grass as the emotions. No matter how long and how hard you can ignore your feelings, they will always find a way out…

Case study

I am talking from my experience; I am a life coach, people come to me all times. Once I had a guy, complaining about his life, his name is Jack, 65 years old guy, a businessman with an exact description from what I mentioned above.

So, Jack, he was chasing money like butterflies on a meadow. They fly around but you can never catch them.

He said to me– ‘I had been always so concentrated on money but not much on me. Now when I have grown older, I feel like something is missing in my life. Money doesn’t make me really happy any more, I started meditating, and doing some physical exercises, so I feel fresh but still not happy with my life.  I am still much focused on making money but somehow unable to focus what makes me really happy even so I am meditating’.

He gave me a question; ‘What’s wrong with me that I am still not happy, I am very unsettled in my mind, unable to relax, unable to focus.  Making money doesn’t feel somehow right anymore’!

Truth is, no matter how much money you make, it is not a path to make you feel happy but only rich.

We all have 1000s of thoughts going through our minds every day, we exchange 1000s of words every day with each other- natural instinct of survival to communicate, and talk about our thoughts, feelings, and moods. But we don’t do much to make the change happen.

So, for Jack, it is good to talk about it, but that is just the basic instinct to say it loud to release the energy. He goes to the gym, as well. Another good and healthy move forward, but still not really it…You need more than that.

You need to sacrifice, accept, admit and give out to get back.

How far you can go in earnings, and savings? Did you know that this is bottomless? It only takes you on one side without giving you space and opportunity to balance it to stay physically and mentally healthy to stay firmly on the ground. This tips you over, that is exactly what happened to Jack. He realized the meaning/ purpose of life. He talks about it but does not really do much about it.

You definitely don’t need to give up on your business; just try to find a way how to improve it, to make your business connections but this time with a healthy mind. Yep, it takes the wisdom to do so.

Wisdom and smartness

Being smart or clever is one thing, other is gaining wisdom. If I want to act smart, I will study one subject, and then I will want to talk about it with someone who doesn’t know much about it. This person will think I am smart because I know so much about it, this is vital in succeeding in the business world.

Wisdom can’t be learnt, can’t be passed on through genes just like a talent. Wisdom can’t be even understood. Wisdom must be experienced and gained through falls, failures, mistakes and even all the negative stuff you might be tempted to do or think about.

You can define somebody’s intelligence through IQ test, means it is a definite state of rational and irrational thinking (the state of mind). For example; happiness can’t be defined because there is always something to improve. If you can teach yourself to be happy and excited about little things-you are on a good path in gaining wisdom. Not really deserving. Wisdom can’t be deserved. You might deserve a pay rise but definitely not wisdom.

To deserve

It means to define what you can have, what you can’t have. Sooner or later in each of our lives, we come to a state when we expect more from life than the value of money=devaluation, possession=repossession. Obviously, it does not need to happen the ‘repossession’ but it sits deep in your mind, that when you have money, and you buy a house, you need to pay the bills, mortgage and so on to keep it in your possession.

Simply, everything and every story have always two sides; the other side of truth is a lie, the other side of happiness is sadness which is quite normal-that is a fact.

Materialism is a state where the sense of it denies and negates thoughts, feelings, human will, and faith. It promotes itself as a materialistic wealth. That’s it, you can become bilinear but with no logical explanation of what is life about.

Wisdom’s other side in the angle I see it;

It’s a learning curve, it’s the perception of the negative as something you can learn from, and turn it into the positive, and perhaps you can teach about it, and guide others. But before you can do so, you need to learn how to guide yourself.

One of my thoughts;

Not a thought but a fact; Dream a little dream.  

The difference between a leader and a follower.

-A follower keeps dreaming. The leader follows his dream to make it happen.

-A follower follows the leader. The leader follows his instinct, heard, and mind.

-A follower suffers when hurt, looking for excuses why he/she can’t carry on or blames someone else. The leader learns from his/her mistakes, and with no questions carries on.

-A follower always has questions, waiting for answers, but sometimes they never come… The leader usually has no questions, trying to work his/her way out, and eventually will find it!

(But before a leader can lead others, needs to learn how to lead himself).

Or just stay rich (if you have the money), and be happy as you are. But your happiness is definite, and defined, it has boundaries, just like living in an enclosure. Ok, your wealth is vast, giving you lots of space to move around…but on physical, material level.

The way I see the money matter

Money is not evil. Money needs to be given to be gotten back by e.g. investing wisely or just given without regretting it. It comes back anyway sooner or later. It needs to be spent, invested wisely with good will, and faith that money is good even for your mental development. Being rich doesn’t need to make you materialistic or arrogant, it is just a misconception or the way it goes in society.

And if you are not ready for a change; better than nothing is at least to stay in the middle of the centre of the interest, rather than being really arrogant, live in denial or being judgemental. Try to calm down, stay cool, maybe funny, and enjoy life simply.

Flexibility in thinking, duality is a mental strength taking you a little bit closer to wisdom. Its hard work but it definitely pays back for the sense of life.

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