Perception of time in connection with the laws of success And Why is worth waiting for the success?

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Part two;

‘Success is as unlimited as the thoughts in the human mind. Success is infinite just as far the human mind can reach. There aren’t any boundaries or limits for human mind to reach. Human mind has infinite and limitless power in terms of our physical world, and can be used positively or adversely. It is very powerful tool to make things move the way you want, in good or in bad way. That’s why be thankful for little success because big things are made of little things anyway’

What the time has actually to do with success then?

This comes even more then confusing, it comes as something really ridiculous to think about. Just because not many people are writing about it doesn’t mean it is ridiculous. All it means is that it is difficult to write about these things not just for myself but for the rest of humanity, literally for everyone regardless interests, beliefs, and religions.

Maybe not worth reading it for some of you because you might thing that this is a matter for deep thinkers, philosophers like me. Don’t get me wrong. I think the time, and the space matter to take into serious consideration because our existence simply depends on it.

Time applies to anything we do, at least anything on earth but generally spoken time is more than ticking a hand on the clock. A clock is human-made device showing the time as we all know. But time itself is a completely different concept then the way we see it.

Time is closely connected with success. I will explain, let me tell you more about the time concept, first.

Another concept of time is closely connected to the concept of space. According to the general theory of relativity, space, or the universe, emerged in the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago.

We don’t need to go in more details about the big bang, and how stars have been formed but generally speaking, time has been created in the big bang. In our universe we live in 3D space. There are other dimensions which are explained in the theory of relativity but the main thing here is what the time is then?

Time is one dimensional and follows 3-dimensional space. Time is a sort of speed unit which travels at a constant speed of nearly 300 000 Km/s, it literally needs the 3 D space to cohabit but space without time would not exist because time is giving movement to all particles in space. There are more aspects of how the speed of time behaves and is affected when it is exposed to different conditions like gravity, radiation, magnetism and planets in space.

How faster can you move to be at your destination called success? As soon as you think of the success you want to achieve you are at your destination simultaneously. Your thoughts they have created the success so go for it, follow it, and don’t think much how much time it takes you to get there because you are already there. Just be patient, focused. Simply do it!


I have read many books, and watched all possible documentaries about cosmos, and time on utube. I have written down many notes, and put my thoughts about it together to create a simple understanding of what it actually is ‘the time and the space’, and why we should take it into account in our daily lives. Well, either way if we think of it or not, doesn’t matter much because we and everything around us is made of particles they depend on the time hanged in the space- simply the space-time.

Time- many people will express time, and explain it the way where they are busy, don’t have time, they have to be somewhere on time otherwise they will be late, the others will take time doing something- doesn’t mean they are slow but it looks like they are because other people would do it faster. There are quite few expressions for time we are using literally every day to determine how things go. Even so we associate time with most stuff around us we do on daily bases. It is only the tip of iceberg, there is much more behind the scene what time is.

Where to start? Hmmm, not an easy task, is it. My blog is not journal/magazine where I am writing for certain and minor group of professional audience like scientists, biologists, physicists… My blog is intended for the general public.

-One theory is saying that space is expending-So far scientists have believed that the expansion of the universe is accelerating. Universe expansion can be observed indirectly at very distant objects and their light spectra, so-called redshift is known. For example, the further away galaxies, the greater their redshift, and the faster they move away from us.

-Another theory is saying that expanding the universe does not accelerate, in fact, time is slowing down. The very possibility that something like this might happen is almost unimaginable for human reasoning.

Physicists dared to predict that if time slowed down in their theory, in about a billion years time could stop completely. “Everything would then stop”

-I would like to say more about the last bit that “Everything would then stop”

We live in the 3-dimensional universe. There are more dimensions but our body, and mind has developed by evolution only to the necessary point for surviving. So, we physically react to what we see, hear or touch by our senses but we must not forget about our mind and its senses to sense, predict, and anticipate. Without our mind but still with the brain and human body cells we would probably be only some heartless animals acting only for the sense of survival in raw nature.

I think it is time to rethink our understanding of how stuff work, on the level where we can only perceive it with our mind but not just with our basic senses.

3 dimensions, right?

Now time- time is one dimensional, and follows 3 dimensional space. Time is a sort of speed unit which travels at constant speed of nearly 300 000 m/s, it literally needs the 3 D space to cohabit but space without time would not exist because time is giving movement to all particles in space.

That’s why, let’s say if time one day will cease, everything else should cease, too. Ok, no one can predict it exactly what would happen but the point is we need time as speed unit to exist.

There are more aspects of how the speed of time behaves and is affected when it is exposed to different conditions like gravity, radiation, magnetism and planets in space.

How can we use time for our credit at achieving a success?

What we need to know is that it is an illusion the fact we have past, presence, and future. Everything is happening right now instantaneously. If you think of the past, and you feel like it is still happening by the feelings it is giving you, then it means only one thing. You haven’t forgotten your past, it is still here because you want it to be so, and because there isn’t any past, presence or future, you are basically creating fundaments for your future in the present time as we speak. What it means, then?

It means that your past (still very active), and future (just being created by you thinking of the past) is connected in the present moment. Change your present moment, and it changes everything instantaneously.

Ok, even so, you change your thinking right now, you won’t see it happening in the reality (physical world) around you right now but you have settled good fundamentals for it. Because it simply takes time the changes to take place in the physical world, but these changes are happening instantaneously in your mind. And you need to visualize the changes to be able to see it happening in reality physically. So, what that means? Once you plant the seed (thought) you need to help it grow! Be constant in positive thinking, be focused, be persistent, and believe in yourself!

It is just like a plant. You plant a seed, you know one day it will be a big stunning tree, you know it in your mind, but physically, in reality, it needs hell lots of time to grow.

Time and success, it means when you have a little dream, a thought about making some positive changes in your life. Think of time how it all works. How it all is processed in your mind, and in reality. That it takes time to see the positive changes physically happening but you can be 100% sure that these changes don’t just happen because you say so, they happen even before you say so because your brain, your thoughts, your life is depending on the sensing, perceiving, and receiving information from the space around us subconsciously and also the reality through our higher senses of human mind residing somewhere deep in brain.

Success needs time to develop, even little positive changes can be counted as a big success supporting you on the way to reach even much greater success than you ever imagined.

To succeed it needs only few things

-If you have a goal- follow it. If you start following it but give up somewhere in the middle, that is fine. Learn from what happened, and go on, it doesn’t means you are not starting again at all. It means you learnt that this direction is not taking me there so you are only changing direction, not starting from the beginning. You start from beginning if you won’t learn from your mistake. Remember, there isn’t any time considering you are late or on time. Just be patient, focused, ad carry on. One day sooner or later the fruits of success will ripe, and you will eat with all the juiciness of the fruity success.

If you take the right steps success is inevitable to happen.

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