Perception of time in connection with the laws of success, And Why is worth waiting for the success?

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Part one;

‘Time and success are inevitably inseparable. You just can’t succeed without possessing the qualities of what the success is made of’

The metaphor for success; an accomplishment, good or even bad outcome of an undertaking is also considered a success because it is the outcome of the action we undertook to accomplish something. There are also feelings connected with succeeding like happiness or joy. But being emotional on the way to succeed is not ideal, you can enjoy success once you are there.

‘Every story has two sides, even success has its own dark side which isn’t bad luck or misfortune but failure’

Maybe you have already succeeded in your life but you are not happy with that. It feels like having two faces, split characters and scattered thoughts or swings of emotions…I guess this success didn’t bring anything worth living for, e.g. having a well-paid job or job promotion which doesn’t make you happy but bothers you a lot. The main success is to be happy and content with yourself as a human being. Yes, it is that simple, and very achievable!

If you think of success but do nothing for it, not even trying to fail, get up, learn from failure and carry on then the success can’t come because you haven’t even ignited a single spark for the success to start it happening. If this applies to you then you might be in a mode of stagnation, where nothing moves, nothing is alive, that’s the way it is but you can change it!


In my point of view, I understand very differently what a failure is. There is a misconception behind it and I know that understanding and following it, do make profound changes to make success throughout failing.

A man can’t succeed without failing but accepting failures (possible weaknesses), and work on them to develop them to a state where they can lead you to success (strengths). Accepting failure can become your strength which is part of succeeding.

Failing is an inseparable part of succeeding. Imagine a pianist, how many millions of wrong hits on keys it took him from very beginning to the stage where he plays with no mistakes. The cause is the reaction to an action. Do you really think you can succeed without failing?

Yes, it is worth waiting for the success, no matter if it comes soon or much later. We all have different perceptiveness about success. We all want something else to achieve but what binds us on the same level is the fact that we want to achieve success! It’s only up to you as an individual what steps you take. Every story has two sides just like a coin. Success and failure are closely bound.

The golden rules of practice for succeeding

Is to determine, and segregate

-Weaknesses to turn them into strengths,

-impatience to turn into patience,

-scattered thoughts to turn into focus,

-Reluctance to turn into desire,

-negligence to turn into responsibility,

-indolence to turn into interest,

-lack of endurance to turn into persistence to keep going,

-lack of self-believe to turn into believe,

-being faithless to turn into trustworthiness,

Simply endless circle of action, making the right decision is the key

and so on…all these are attributes for succeeding throughout failing. It is like day and night, an endless circle of action which gives life. Because we want live, and enjoy life. So it’s time to take responsibility for your actions because with every action there is a cause following it.

It is the law of physics, law of order in particles on visual, atomic and subatomic level or even much deeper beyond our perception of atoms where there is a world with no law of physics apply as we know it but whatever world is there, it is the world where action is instantly followed by a reaction (cause), it is a world which makes our world come alive.

The way your brain perceives reality

Even so, your brain can never see the outside world but somehow it experiences it. It knows what to do to make you do stuff you normally do on a daily bases without thinking.  It knows about the outside world thanks to the preceptors of reality- eyes, ears, and sensors under your skin.

Photons of lights pump through eyes, air pressure ways travel inside your ear- these are getting converted into the common currency of the brain, into the electrochemical signals. These signals travel through a dense network of brain cells called neurons.

So what is the cause of the action then? Your brain converts all the information (action) and gives you a 3D picture of reality around you (cause). This happens so fast that you even don’t bother to think about it.

Example of how you can fail to achieve success, but succeed to achieve failure instead

Imagine, there is a door in front of you; you want to open to enter the room (your future). You think of the action before you do it (action). Touching the handle, pushing it down the door to open, the door opens (cause). The action with the cause happened instantaneously in your mind. Because your brain doesn’t need to recognize the time (past, present, future) or reality from imagination for functioning correctly. Your brain imagined the action and the cause happening instantaneously and simultaneously. But in reality, it takes time because we don’t move as fast as the neurons in brain do.

Let’s say, you are angry, you are about to open the door. The process to open the door in your brain is same, but this time you are being emotional, so instead of opening the door by the handle you simply kicked the door, smashed the lock to pieces, and the door opened violently. Imagine opening the door is your future, means you just have entered your future, right? Because you have been rather emotional than rational, you didn’t think of the after-effects directly affecting your future.

Now, the same situation but thinking differently; now you think before you do something, you feel calm, content and happy. You simply imagine opening the door, you cmae to the door, grabbed the handle, the door opened. You stepped inside with a smile on your face with having emotions under your control. Because you have had emotions under control, you naturally and automatically acted in the best possible manner of the situation for your better future. Success!

Imagine the first example where you act angry; so, welcome to your future, then. You have reached your destination where success is but you flipped it just like a coin on the side where failure is. You failed to achieve success but you succeeded to achieve failure. You have reached your destination. Because you acted recklessly, instead of you controlling the action, it ended up in the way it should not happen but it did.

It is not as confusing as it sounds

Sounds confusing or exaggerating? This is how it all works. Do you want to achieve success? Well, it doesn’t come cheap, it takes guts and effort to do it. It is only for the best ones but once you are on the right track, the success is inevitable to happen!

I am writing about to ‘become best one’ in another two articles

I mentioned time, that it is closely connected with succeeding. I will explain, and give solid proof backed up by science, and nicely carved by philosophy in the next article, part two.

‘Success is as unlimited as the thoughts in the human mind. Success is infinite just as far the human mind can reach. There aren’t any boundaries or limits for human mind to reach. Human mind has infinite and limitless power in terms of our physical world, and can be used positively or adversely. It is very powerful tool to make things move the way you want, in good or in bad way. That’s why be thankful for little success because big things are made of little things anyway’


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