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Successful Planning
Art of Successful Planning

Plan A is to jump and land successfully, plan B is like safety net when you fall or fail to succeed. Depends how you look at it. Some people get up, try again/ and carry on, some wont…

Having a plan A

Having a plan B means you are worried about failing on plan A, by other words-If you can manage poverty well then you can manage wealth, too.

So having a backup plan means to carry on working on your plan A to reach your goal/ destination successfully.  You might already have a plan, a plan you even don’t know about that you are following subconsciously.

An example:  Let’s say you think that you suffer from poverty. Who told you that? Most likely you said it to yourself, right? You think you are lacking in money, and you think money is hard to earn, money doesn’t come to you easily…etc. This is the poverty plan you are following.  If you can manage poverty well then you can manage wealth, too. The misery is giving you character, so change it!

It’s not about how hard you get hit but how hard you move forward

You can’t succeed alone, you’ve got to have the right people around (no man is really an island). What I am trying to say, obviously successful business people need to have a team of people helping them to hit the targets, to achieve something on a business level. But I am talking about an individual, a person who feels like he can’t make it in life because he is got no money. I am talking about an individual who feels down, feels sorrow, and no support whatsoever.

You do need to find the strength inside you, find the support inside you! This is your team you should lean on- your strength, your determination, your focus, your strong will. These are the attributes you should start building on the fundaments of a great future. These are your mates to lean on!

Whatever you do in life you should always start from yourself

Plan Success Factors

Start with accepting yourself, you deserve it!

You are the center of activity (action), and the surroundings are the reaction to the action. In between is the interaction.  The interaction is what comes out as the final product- how you feel, do you feel uncomfortable, do you feel worried or scared, and do you feel insecure or unhappy with your job or people around you or even unhappy with your partner? Before you make a plan on how to get out of the situation or what you should change to feel better, you need to find the cause to the problem. Everything has a purpose, it is not a coincidence that you feel the way you feel.

Setting targets, and a little bit about me as an example

You need to measure your accomplishments somehow- making notes. When you think of a target- something you would like to achieve. Write it down, the human brain functions better when you are writing down your thoughts. This helps you better to segregate your thoughts when they are on the paper not just in your mind because you can read it again and again to make amendments. It is just like me, writing an article, I have to go back again and again to the beginning of the article to be able to continue and actually to finish it successfully. There is no way around it, like thinking I can write very quickly an article for you to read, no way!  All my articles take time and afford to write. It is consuming most of my free time. Believe me but I love it! I have a few hobbies, and writing is the one which takes most of my free time. Yes, I had a dream/vision, a wish to start writing a book many years ago; I knew I am getting closer and closer to it. But the beginning was very hard.  I actually had no idea how to start writing!

As I started writing I discovered it is not easy at all, it is taking literally all my free time which I even didn’t have, especially when you have a full-time job, and two children to take care of. I was consistent, I was focused, I was determined- these were my mates from very beginning and here I am standing, doing my little big dream to write on my website for people who will follow me. Because I really feel I have so much to say to people across the globe…My goal was to go online, go public, and share my experiences with people across the globe. Yes, it is about my personal development, this blog is really pushing me to study, and read more than before about human mind, body, and the interaction in a society we all live in as individuals. I always wanted to find out more about myself from deep inside, what is the purpose of mine to be on earth, what is it? I started meditating, reading so many relevant books about meditations, abundance…Ok here I am very happy and quite content with myself, and looking forward to writing more articles like this one.

So important having a goal, and becoming independent

Having a goal is going to help you on your journey (Shooting for a goal). Visualizing a goal is not enough, you’ve got to have a purpose no matter what you are doing in life e.g. a purpose of reaching the independence. I mean it is not the same as becoming a free man. A free man means, you leave everything behind, even your family, friends, job, and leave far far away for good. Perhaps in a forest, where you forget everything you’ve been doing so far, and start again this way, no spare clothing, no food or water in the bottle…You will have to find it all on your own. Well staying in a deep forest with no food or water, at least your mind will be reset with guts completely cleared! That is what I call freedom! No responsibilities! But actually no life either. We are not wild anymore, we are socialized beings. What you really want is not be free but independent.

Independence doesn’t come just like that. You need to work your ass off to become independent! It takes courage, and time to become independent. Let’s say you want to quit your job where you work as an employee, you want to start your own business. Nothing is for free or even cheap in the business world. It is all about money, and money makes money. You need to be ready to invest, invest wisely. It is a big burden, and responsibility to become independent, I can honestly tell you. And once you think you are independent, it takes even more afford to keep on going, not to be behind with your competitors, you need to learn constantly how to run your business, and much more…

So how it feels to be independent?

I will be honest to be independent it feels great, I feel like it’s giving me wings to fly above everything I used to do before. Of course, I still have a part-time job instead of full time. And because I am a life coach, too, people come to me to talk about life, they come to me for advice. And I absolutely love it.

What is your desire, what is your dream or wish? And if you feel that this article is good enough to make you stand up and do something useful and more meaningful in your life, then It feels good to me enough to say ‘yep I did it!’ If you could leave me a comment about what you think after reading it, would be great, and helpful.

So how to stick to plan A

Don’t start doubting yourself that is dangerous- means you don’t trust in yourself, and you are trying to go back to plan B, which is a backup plan. You say to yourself there isn’t any plan B, it is a plan A and I am going to stick to it no matter what it takes. Do not put your thoughts into plan B, you stay in your plan A no matter what it takes. (We function better if there isn’t any safety net).


It’s all about dreams; they are our imagination, our thoughts, and pick one which suits you most and you follow it. That is why there is no reason why dreams should not come true. No excuse for not believing in yourself or in your dreams because they are you and everything around you.

(Sometime in future I want to write an article about my dreams, about my predictive dreams, and how I developed this ability).

Honestly, you might not believe it but I am telling the truth, and my experience. I used to have predictive dreams. I used to see situations before they happened in my dreams. It was so unbelievable but so magnificently universal, and so powerful, the ability to have predictive dreams.  When I wanted to know about e.g. a person what she thing about me, if she likes me or not I used to ask myself before I went to sleep, and then I dreamt the situation, and what I dreamt that really happened. I will talk about it in one of my next articles). Unfortunately I lost the ability to have predictive dreams. Yes, this is what I am talking about, you do need to stay focused t least to be able to sustain an ability or a character. By character I mean, if you are on your path to change yourself to be better person, you do need to maintain this position in your life otherwise you might lose the ability or your good character. Luckily we all have the ability to be better, stronger, and more mindful just because it is the nature of the evolution, right?

One more thing to say

Follow your dream

Follow your dream, and make it happen by being persistent, resistant, focused, determined, find the support inside you to help you succeed!

Wishing you all the best on your way there, it might not be smooth but if you persist, if you do, one day it will pay off. Think of the future like it is now because the future is right now. Tomorrow never dies as long as you are still alive!

‘There is no limit to maximize your potential to reach your goal or to succeed. The energy of maximising is universally limitless. You have limitless possibilities to maximize your potential to live life the way you always wanted’

Yours Leon

2 Replies to “Make your dream happen”

  1. Very useful tips to have a better,brighter and successful future and how to arrive at your destination by the plans mentioned in the the article.
    Please give examples to illustrate your points. Thanks.

    1. Thank you for for your comment, all my articles come from real life situations, I am a life coach, guiding people towards a better future by helping them to find themselves in the ocean of scattered thoughts, and emotions. It’s very crucial and fundamental to find yourself, to become self-aware on a deep level. The saying ‘follow your heart’ is one thing, but if you feel unsure, how you can follow your heart? We are talking here about your feelings and emotions. Basically, don’t let your emotions controlling your life, you learn how to control your emotions instead, and your life becomes much easier, more controllable leading you towards the future you want.

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