Predictive dreams continued,

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part four;

Do we really need to find the logic behind the ’intangible’? We can’t touch dreams yet they are so real that they reflect the actions we do in reality.

In the first chapter about dreams, I explained the existence of predictive dreams that they are very different from dreams associated with what you experience during your waking life, during your day. There is a similar explanation with mussels how they function. Smooth muscle tissue is primarily under the control of the autonomic nervous system. That means you can’t actively and intentionally control these muscles. Skeletal muscle tissue can be actively and intentionally controlled. How is it with your dreams then?

A dream is a flash of a thought of what you have experienced during your waking life. Dreams are stored images our mind creates during sleeping – these dreams are like the smooth mussels- you can’t control them. On the other hand, you can have control over your predictive dreams. Just like you control knowingly your skeletal muscles during your waking life to move, you can develop the ability to have predictive dreams while you sleep. Although, you have no control over your mussels at all just because you are in a deep sleep. Your thoughts are made of emotions gathered during your waking life, stored in your mind, and then projected to you while you sleep like a dream.

If you can’t manage and control your emotions during waking life then you can’t gain the ability to have predictive dreams.

Just a thought

Dreaming is here for the brain to be able to segregate and sort out everything we experience during our waking life. So many emotions, decisions, and thousands of thoughts we go through every day. All the emotional activity is stored in the brain, and when you sleep, your brain goes through a defragmentation process just like a computer does. Your personality is made up of so many factors, and to be able to live mentally in a healthy way in your life in the environment when you wake up, your brain needs to differentiate between what is real, and what is only based on your thinking/ dreaming in your waking life. That’s why dreaming while you sleep is so important.

On the other hand, dreaming while you are awake is different, means you are a dreamer. To be dreaming during your waking life is important, too. It helps you to set targets, goals…but that is a different chapter-I am describing this in my article called ‘you can’t have it all but you need to think big’.

When you dream about flying; it is not a bad omen but still it means you are kind of dreamer in real life. Even in dreams, you need to stay on the ground firmly and be able to walk or run just like in real life.

(These are not predictive dreams reflecting the reality as it is but dreams they can tell you more about your personality, and attitude to yourself, and the way you see it all around you). It is necessary to learn what dream to use as predictive. Only practice, and time will teach you.

Precognitive/prophetic dreams

The science is unable to explain or give solid proof that they exist. There are many sceptics trying to negate the whole idea about these dreams. But precognition doesn’t happen only in dreams. There is no accepted scientific evidence that precognition is a real thing and it is widely considered to be pseudoscience. Precognition is extrasensory perception. In modern civilized world has no logical explanation. But do we really need to find the logic behind everything intangible?

Precognitive dreams predict the future. Explaining normal dreams as we all usually have is something to do with dreams meaning. But how is it with the predictive dreams then, what are they? I said it already that these dreams can be controlled by you. The catch is, it is not easy at all to control a dream, it really sounds crazy but again, you do need to put away the scepticism. If you are a sceptic that means you doubt something and belief is very connected with your feelings, and your feelings have an emotional attachment. I described it in the article called-

If you can manage to be in control of your emotions during your waking life, you then become literally a new person, you will discover a new you, a better you, a stronger you. If you can’t manage and control your emotions during your waking life, then you simply can’t gain the ability to have predictive dreams. That’s why breathing exercises, meditations are so important not just for the dreaming but for your whole personality.


My notes are based on my personal experience. I have learnt one thing, when you can get rid of all your thoughts only for while, e.g. in meditation, that won’t work because you are only doing something for the purpose to try different, and for your brain unknown stuff. To read about it is not enough. To try it for the curiosity sake is just not enough. When you have a vision, make yourself think like it’s happening already, and the rest comes automatically.

Believe me or not it is that simple. At the beginning you feel excited, wanting to try new stuff but only persistence, focus and determination will decide if you can really change things going your way anything in life. This is generally speaking about life.

But speaking just about the ability to experience the predictive dreams-I can honestly tell you guys, it’s a unique experience, and whenever I had that dream, and then the next day I saw it happening in reality as it was projected to me in my dream. Wow, it always left me breathless and kind of laughing at the situation that I am in control of my dreams.

This is very little but unique ability and proof to me that the capabilities of the human brain are limitless but we are just unable to perceive the information, understand, and process it correctly.

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