The benefits of a growing personality

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This sounds like everyone’s dream; to sit or lie down and do nothing. Maybe even fall asleep in the afternoon or doing something sensible like reading a book, and forget all worries, just like that.

Well, if you won’t experience this, you can’t say how it feels like to wake up after afternoon sleep, nothing has been done in the house, nothing has been sorted if you have some stuff to do, no deals made if you are entrepreneur, only your mind feels so relaxed. A relaxed mind, after nothing has been done? I guess, this is not seeming, it is a sad reality.

Let me tell you it is only seeming of a dreamer that reality should be experienced in a kind of peace where you do nothing but forget everything. I don’t call it relaxation but the stagnation of the potential to grow your mind and personality. So, what you can do to set things right, you will find in this article. You can use it as a guide to reaching your heights.

Who wants to relax by doing nothing, trying to forget all his/her worries and staff which need urgent attention. Sometimes, we all need to switch off for a moment to regain energy and to reset. No, I am not talking about the benefits of sleeping properly over the night in a well-ventilated room for 8 hours uninterrupted. Maybe, you work in an office, and the only thing you wait for is your lunch break to be able to make it through the rest of the working day- what a disaster!

I am talking about awaking when relaxing and not sleeping during lying and doing nothing. I am talking about learning how to get to know yourself ‘the self-awareness or mindfulness state’.

A misconception

People naively thing, they can rest when they feel like they are gone from everything. Gone from all the worries, things and matters they have to deal with at some point in the future anyway. I would not recommend this way unless you want to stay reluctant, careless and hopelessly dreaming about your desires or goals from a sofa.

I will put it this way; you can rest in peace when your job on earth is done, successfully completed, and not that you will turn away from anything which leads to successfully achieving your goals. So, what is it then, the secret formula? It’s not hard to figure out, it’s not even a hard work to do, it only becomes unachievable and hard work if you imagine and say so.

I am talking about laziness, carelessness, reluctance, and unwillingness

Do not take it personally if any of this character’s attribute applies to you. I’ve been this way, too. I tried to relax by being careless to my needs, by simply lying down and do nothing just for the sake of getting away from everything. But, this is not a solution to anything, it doesn’t solve anything.

What to do then? All you need is a sound plan, a plan which will suit your needs, and you will want to follow. For example; if you are looking for a plan about diet (if you want to get healthier or slimmer) or a plan how to make a business plan, perhaps a plan about healthy lifestyle? The options are endless, too many to try to follow and keep up with them. Most of us fail to follow a plan. Well, at least you said that ‘I tried’, didn’t you?

One plan can’t be followed in the same way by hundreds of people. If you are doing only a physical exercise or one particular thing than maybe yes, but a healthier mindset is about more than a physical exercise. Because, if you want to make big changes in your life, you need to work on your mind; how to control your emotions, what emotions are, and how to change your attitude or to get rid of bad habits preventing you from succeeding, and mainly how to grow your personality by changing/improving your attitude towards yourself, and what surrounds you.

Two people are facing the same problem. One would see it as a problem, so it becomes his problem, so he/she has to deal with a problem. This situation has turned into a weakness for this person now! Another person doesn’t see it as a problem but simply just a situation to deal with, he/she wants to study it, wants to learn from it, and develop it, making it his/her strength and a good situation he/she can build on.

The need for trying

The need for trying comes naturally from a sense of curiosity or an immense desire to succeed, developed through failures in life. It is the feeling of humiliation, perhaps feeling subhuman, and having no worth when you see yourself constantly failing. Something is wrong when you constantly fail, and you ignore the core of your failing by taking on your shoulders another load from your dreaming of succeeding.

Once you start one thing you should finish it. Find a way how to finish it to be able to start a new, better and improved one. It’s all in your mind, all the reasons for failing or not finishing a job once initiated. So, if you feel worried, tired, do not lie down, and do nothing- this won’t make your worries disappear, they will grow in an uncontrollable way, instead! The same thing applies to emotions;

If you let your emotions controlling your life, your life will become uncontrollable. Learn how to control your emotions instead, and your life will become easier instantly!

The problem with only trying

If you want to try, you won’t know. But, on the other hand, trying doesn’t give you the experience you need to improve on what you are doing. Let’s say; you want to start an online business- anything would do, so you go online, and start looking for any opportunity. You find a few things you would like to try. You are indecisive, so you go for any option. After some time, you devoted to it your precious time and the investment you made. So, you discover it is not what you want to do just because it doesn’t make any money at the start, you try another option, and after some time you come to the same conclusion that you have an active business but no customers, nothing to sell really or to make business with. It’s like an eggshell without the inside bits. And so it goes on and on.

If it looks like you hit the wall

Don’t worry, there is a very good chance you will recover because- I always say; if you are still standing firmly on the ground, you haven’t reached the bottom of your problem yet. And a problem is not a problem until you want it to be a problem. Look at it as a cluster of energy, charged with your emotions because you have created the energy (problem). So if your emotions are negative, the matter (your problem will be negative as well). If you have positive thoughts about the ‘problem’, your energy will change it into something positive, a positively charged cluster of energy. Easily done, don’t you think!

Let’s say you hit the bottom by lying down, trying or pretending to relax and forgetting everything which worries you. Hurray, you hit the bottom! Now it’s time to get up, and do something! Haven’t you learnt a lesson? Then keep on doing nothing, go back to your bed or sofa, and relax by afternoon sleep. I am sure one day sooner or later it will hit you, and when it does, the feeling that you oppositely do everything to succeed shall kick you to move you forward to make your dream reality.

Some good thoughts everyone can follow to build a solid and sound plan to follow

  1. The first thing to work on is your emotions. You can read it here;

Because if you are emotional, which we all are, some less some more, without emotions, we can’t consider ourselves as human beings. Emotions give you the warm heartfelt feeling or even feel hatred- either way, we need these emotions to learn how to treat ourselves, and others. So, don’t let your emotions controlling your life, learn how to control your emotions instead, and your life will become easier in every aspect.

2. Learn something about attitude, learn some manner

For example; let’s say two people are facing the same problem. One would see it as a problem, so it becomes his problem, so he/she has to deal with a problem. This situation has turned into a weakness for this person now! Another person doesn’t see it as a problem but simply just a situation to deal with, he/she wants to study it, wants to learn from it, and develop it, making it his/her strength and a good situation he/she can build on.

You can read more about this here; https://novodus.

3. Work on your diet

We are what we eat, and we do what we think about (subconsciously meant). The human body is made of more than 80% of water. Healthy mind supports a healthy body, and vice versa. Find a healthy diet to follow, a diet your body will react positively to. But only time will show what food is the best one for you. You might have a food allergy or food intolerance, you just need to find the best diet suiting your health-make research on this subject.

4. Take it further and learn to meditate

Start with what is easy, and what is natural- breathing exercises. When meditating it is always hard to relax your mind, that’s why if you never tried to meditate or only tried but didn’t succeed. It is mainly because you need to learn the ways how to relax your body and mind. Probably, the best way is breathing exercises. Once you master the breathing techniques, it will automatically take you into a deeper state where you can easily relax your mind and body. Yes, it is better than lying down, close up your mind in a constrained way, and suffer. 

Hint; Don’t start with trying it only (curiosity phenomenon), but do start it with a success already accomplished, felt in your heart!


So, you work on your mind- you learn how to control your emotions, how to even control your mind, and how to become better person toward you and the others by working on your attitude. You start eating healthier food, and in the meantime, when discovering your hidden talents and capabilities, you turn your weaknesses into your strengths!

Nothing else to say really, I can’t see anything stopping you from succeeding. Because you are the success, don’t wait for it to come to you, it won’t. Because the success is here already, it is always been here you just saw it as a failure you didn’t want to learn from. It is everywhere in everything you touch and do because the success is you! You only need to find a way to it. This article should help you find the lost you. So, next time when you lie down, instead of closing up your mind from what surrounds you, you open up your mind to new possibilities and start working on your new character and attitude.

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