The importance of appreciation and valuation in society

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Social validation increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain and allows us to become self-aware more easily. When you are self-aware you can easier control your emotions, and this way to enjoy and appreciate more the present moment of your being in time. Life and everything becomes easier consequently.

What it means at a social level

Appreciation is a highly valued reward. It is almost priceless valuation costing nothing but good manners leading to mutual respect, esteem, and appreciation of each other’s value. It can create bonds, trust, and firm connections.

Neuroscience explanation of social appreciation, and valuation

Specific neurons and neurotransmitters trigger a defensive state when we feel that our thoughts need to be protected from the influence of others. When we are confronted, the chemicals that are released in the brain are the same ones that try to ensure our survival in dangerous situations. In this defence state brain interferes with rational thinking and the limbic system can knock out most of our memory.

What is the Limbic System?

It is a complex system of nerves and networks in the brain, involving several areas near the edge of the cortex concerned with instinct and mood. It controls the basic emotions (fear, pleasure, anger) and drives (hunger, sex, dominance, care of offspring).

E.g. we can see it on someone who is stubborn in a discussion. No matter how valuable an idea it is, the brain has trouble processing it when it is in such a state.

On a neuron level, it feels like we are being threatened so we act as being in retreat. (Such state creates a certain imbalance in the way we should come with a solution to a situation).

But when we express ourselves, and our views are appreciated, these ‘defence chemicals’ decrease in the brain and dopamine neurotransmission activates the reward neurons, making us feel empowered, and increasing our self-esteem. Our beliefs have a profound impact on our body chemistry; this is why placebos can be so effective.

Read my article about the placebo effect, an article called lies


Self-esteem and self-belief are closely linked to the neurotransmitter serotonin. When the lack of it takes on severe proportions, it often leads to depression, self-destructive behaviour or even suicide. Social validation increases the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain and allows us to become self-aware more easily.

Mirror neurons and consciousness

By the time when we are grown up, our moral and ethical compass is almost entirely forged by our environment. So our actions are often a result of the validation we get from society. Recent neurological research has confirmed the existence of empathetic mirror neurons. When we experience an emotion or an action, specific neurons fire. But when we observe someone else performing this action or when we imagine it, many of the same neurons will fire again as if we were performing the action ourselves.

These empathy neurons connect us to other people, allowing us to feel what others feel. And since these neurons respond to our imagination, we can experience emotional feedback from them as if it came from someone else. This system allows us to self-reflect.

The mirror neurons don’t know the difference between it and others. This is the reason why we are so dependent on social validation and why we want to fit in. We are in constant duality how we see ourselves, and how others see us. And brain scans show that we experience these emotions even before we are aware of them. But when we are self-aware, we can alter misplaced emotions because we control the thoughts that caused them.

When we are not being self-aware most of our thoughts, and actions are impulsive, and when we are randomly reacting in an uncontrolled way and not making conscious choices, it is instinctively frustrating. The brain resolves this by creating explanations for our behaviour and physically rewriting it into our memories, making us believe that we are in control of the action. Simply, the brain will keep doing so every time we behave irrationally. All this complex and almost schizophrenic subconscious behaviour is the result of a vastly parallel distributed system in our brain.

Ionization or ionisation

Is the process by which an atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons, often in conjunction with other chemical changes. The resulting electrically charged atom or molecule is called an ion.

God is the neuron

Each neuron has a voltage which can change when ions flow in or out of the cell. Once a neuron’s voltage has reached a certain level, it will fire an electrical signal to other cells, which will repeat the process. When many neurons fire at the same time, these changes can be measured in the form of a wave.

Brain waves underpin almost everything going on in our minds, including memory, attention, and even intelligence. As they oscillate at different frequencies, they get classified in bands, such as Alpha, Theta, and Gama. Each is associated with different tasks. Brain waves allow brain cells to tune into the frequency corresponding to their particular task while ignoring irrelevant signals similar to how radio is tuned to different waves to pick up radio stations. The transfer of information between neurons becomes optimal when their activity is synchronized.

This is the reason why we experience cognitive dissonance the frustration caused by simultaneously holding two contradictory ideas. The will is the drive to reduce the dissonance between each of our active neural circuits.

That’s why it is so important to develop a strong will, to be determined, to be focused, to know what we can expect from unexpected, simply to become self-aware.

The way I see it, my point of view;

The energy you radiate is much greater than the radius of the earth. Actually is greater than the radius of the whole universe. What you send out is what comes back. What you give is what you get back, instantly.

Nowadays, we live in a society where we put more value on things they have material value, asking for an immediate or at least fast effect resulting to get the best possible external view of it as a final product or a point which is, if possible, radically moral.

We can even call it ‘a common sense’ just to have a point. But the point is to look not around you trying to see what is beyond the horizon. Try to claim it as ‘I AM THE MAN WITH A BROAD VISION’. I was talking about similar stuff before, in my other articles.

It is profoundly important to look at yourself before you look around, and start judging the others. Simply, it all starts with you. All the action starts with you, you are the action, and the surroundings are the reaction to your action. What comes from it is the energy you have created, called interaction.

So, you are the man with a broad vision, make sure the broad vision starts with you. Because a broad vision has its diameter and centre as well. And we now know that you are the centre of activity.

I mean, before you judge, before you even say something to someone, just think for a moment if the words you are using to communicate with the other parties you would accept if the same words have been spoken to you.

It really doesn’t take much afford, energy, and definitely, it dsnt cost a penny to be nice, to be accepting and cooperative person. Just like the saying ‘what goes round, comes round’. Whatever you do or say, it always comes back to you sooner or later. That’s the fundamental law of the energy we are all made of. It is that simple.

We all need to be told we do well. We all need the kind of appreciation and feel valuation that we belong somewhere in the society. Even loners need to be told that they do well. That does not make them true loners any more, doesn’t it!

So, connect, appreciate, accept or even forgive… you actually do as well for yourself as for the other person just because you e.g. forgive, means you are letting go away the negativity taking you down. Negativity is gone, you are a free person. You turned your weakness into strength. That is quite enough released good energy to feel the good effects in your body, and mind, and spread it everywhere around you.

The point is, arrogant and stubborn people ignore their own good value. They simply don’t appreciate themselves enough, means they deny themselves. I feel sorry for them. I feel like I want to help them. Would you feel the same? Or are you the kind of person who would fight back? This makes your character very clear.

So, next time when you come across an arrogant or stubborn person, let them be themselves, don’t connect onto their energy because you are not them, are you? You means you with your own energy, and the way you treat yourself is the way you treat the others.

For some, this is a vicious circle taking them more down, for the others is it a wheel of fortune making you feel free. Because if you can live without judgments, reproaching, insulting and offending then you can consider yourself as a free person.

You know the value of freedom, right? It is priceless and irreplaceable!

Your Leonardo

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