Turn a weakness into your strength

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What is the psychology behind it, the formula to convince you to do something about it, and not just reading it?

If written physiologically then I would say; weakness to be strength… But it’s written as a fact; your weakness shall be your strength! By other words; a formula how your weakness can become stronger than your strength.

What is a weakness for one is the strength for other, by other words, if you only aim to show your strengths to pretend to be someone who you are not, and this way, you try to hide/neglect your weaknesses- this might tip you over the balance.

The tipping point is the breaking point when you go too far from what really makes you happy, content, and stable in any situation.

If you want to achieve something valuable in life which makes sense for the purpose of living and its sake then it is primary and fundamental to concentrate on weaknesses, admit that I have one, accept, work on it, develop it by being focused and determined, willing something to change, and simply do it.

Don’t look back in the past, and try to live the present moment. Because the future belongs to those who are prepared for today!

Why to focus on your weaker side?

Because it’s what you neglect, what you are trying to hide not just from the others but mainly from you. I said it before in my other articles; you are the centre of activity, and what surrounds you is only the reflection of you, is in fact, the reaction to your action, and the interaction is your attitude to the situation or problem you are facing. If this sounds too confusing or muddled then let me tell you again. Your life, and whatever is happening to you has a reason, not talking about fate, and gods now, but talking about the energy you are radiating.

Let’s say you are in an unpleasant situation, you’ve got to deal with a problem. One person will have the right attitude and deal with it in a positive way turning it into positive energy, another person will connect onto the negative aspect of the problem, and make it even worse. You have to understand that no situation is extremely bad or good. Because everything is ever-changing, nothing stays the same. So it is with the problem, it is constantly ever-changing a cluster of energy, and the way you see it is the way it will be! You are basically the creator! So, try to deal with your life accordingly because of your life, anyone’s life is worth treating it just right.

Imagine yourself as a big generator of energy, energy which radiates not just outwards but goes through anything it touches for many miles away. This is happening instantly as your thoughts are electrically charged bundles of massive energy.

Mindful people, strong individuals who are aware of themselves fully on a conscious and subconscious level, and who know what I am talking about, some of them might make a video, and put it on YouTube to explain to people what to do. Problem is most people who watch these videos they might take it seriously for the moment of watching it or even think about the video later. But this is what we all do anyway. Anything we do or watch, we always recall it later, just talking about it with someone because we are simple creatures who need other peoples’ attention, communication, and we definitely do need the exchange of opinions, but that’s about it for most of us, this is where the happening/creation stops.

Yes, it is crucial, beneficial for our minds to communicate with each other but this is only the first stage we all go through anyway all the time. If you really want to change your life for good then do something with it, don’t just talk about it, which is good, but not good enough to set the spark inside you to do it. What about if you are discussing it with someone who is not much interested in it, who doesn’t know what you are talking about anyway. Soon your attention to what seemed to be actively primary for you will become passively secondary, and your interest in changing something will fade away. That is sad because you actually failed to deliver a message. A message intended only for you to discover yourself from the deep inner your.

The strange thing is we all want to know; what we are here for, who we are, what is the purpose…so many but same questions we all have but they stay unanswered.

I always say;

If you are facing a problem or situation which needs solving, and there are many arisen questions which need answers but they will never be answered, the problem or situation will always stay opened, unfinished, bothering and annoying you, and even taking you down physically, and mentally, too.

What needs be done then? Well, don’t look away from the problem, face it. Straighten up your back, take a deep breath, and deal with it accordingly by accepting it, focusing on the core of the problem, not giving questions like ‘why this or why that…’, and do it, fix it, whatever you start, try to finish.

Whenever there is a problem with no question attached to it like ‘someone helps me, my life sucks!!! Then there isn’t any need to wait for the answer which never comes anyway.

The way it goes

We have laws of ethics, moral laws, all the gods, religions, and believes, modern style of socializing like ‘the first impression counts’, yes it does count, but for someone else. How about you then? Does it count for you, does it make you any happier? It might help you to get a better job to dress smart, and telling your potential employer nothing but lies about how much you will be devoted, and how much you love the job already.

How about you, do you think about what you really want from life? I mean what you want from yourself to be happy and content to feel joy and relaxed. That’s why it is so important to concentrate on your suppressed feelings, and weaknesses.

Maybe your strength is that you are good at lying and pretending someone who you are not. So, you always get what you want from the others which could be for example the attention, but what else did you really get from it? Well, anything really valuable, sensible, anything worth living for, from the bottom of your heart, isn’t it?


Basically, avoiding what is holding you back to develop, to succeed, and become free, independent, and simply a happy bunch of energy is not an option. This is exactly what keeps you feeling down, depressed, stressed, unhappy or even impatient, and not willing to carry on at least trying to be better for yourself.

Impatience syndrome; Frustrated; frustration; easily annoyed, angered, or upset; impatient; quick to react anxiety symptoms creates tension, scattered thoughts, disobedience, irritability or restlessness 

 You need to, admit, accept, forgive, focus, be determined to start working on it, and be persistent to carry on, and resistant against anything, in your mind, telling you that you should not carry on, because to change for good is hard work. Yes, this inner voice is no one else but you, you have created this, so it’s only you who can kick it away, and start thinking positively.

Do it the easy way, and go to a psychologist, to pay hefty amounts of money to help you out. How about doing it the hard way, try to help you out yourself, because the best supporter on your way to succeeding is you not the psychologist, but you. He can hold your hand but you need to pull!

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